Renovation of Villa in Bangalore is one of the mostly done works as most of the tenant who occupy the Villas or house stay only for a small period of time i.e., mostly from 1 year to 5 or 6 years.

And so, when a tenant leaves the villa or home it is to be occupied by new tenants but the before new comes in, the owner of the space should do some renovation works to attract the tenants.

In this blog we will discuss on some of the Woodwork Ideas for Interior for Renovating and attracting the tenants.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Ways to Use Patterned Wood in Your Home

Experiment with Shapes

Over the previous year, herringbone wood floors have become a trend in the interior design field. It’s not difficult to perceive any reason why – this fun style on an exemplary wood floor is all that we cherish about home style. It’s trendy and stylish, yet demonstrates a great deal of identity while adding texture and designs to a room.

On the off chance that you need to make it a stylish further, there is a variety of approaches to include fascinating, unpredictable carpentry components to your home. From wonderful wooden craftsmanship pieces to shocking trimmed ground surface. We’ve gathered together best time and adaptable thoughts we’ve seen for the current year for Renovation of Villa in Bangalore.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Beautiful Headboard

On the off chance that laying new floors is a lot of work for you, herringbone headboard will give you a similar style for much less expense. There’s something about a wooden headboard that makes a room feel larger and ancient in the meantime. You’ll cherish when this herringbone look utilizes bits of hued wood to make it pop — and tie into the remainder of the room’s stylistic layout. You can even match it with some dazzling wood-cut fine art to round out the entire look.

Herringbone Wood in the Kitchen

Wood flooring isn’t only for your living space. You can renovate kitchen with wooden board that joins a herringbone-style wooden floor to give it a cutting edge appearance. In case you’re afraid to attempt wood flooring in your kitchen, don’t be. As long as you prep and seal the wood effectively, they can work perfectly in a kitchen and stand up well for long time. Since the kitchen has so much tile works at the dividers and backsplash, adding a wood floor separates the look.

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Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Try Stencils

Wood flooring utilizing stencils and stain gives a decorated appearance at a much lower cost. You’ll adore this thought for example: while doing Renovation of Villa in Bangalore. In the event that you have to spruce up old floors yet aren’t prepared to refresh.

Start Small

Side table is an incredible method to bring the wood herringbone into your family room without introducing completely new floors. This would be an incredible weekend design and a brilliant method to go through old wood pallets. Pair with ideal present day perusing light, and viola: a wood piece that will emerge in any living space.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore


Patterned floors not your style? Add a stunning chevron roof, which is ideal method to join wooden design into your home in an unforeseen way. Including a wooden, planked roof to a sunroom, nook or living space is a simple method to include compositional detail without acquiring a contractor. Your “fifth divider” is regularly an ignored surface in your home, yet it’s an extraordinary spot to begin while thinking about designed carpentry.

White-Washed Wood

On the off chance that you need to stay with strong wood, you can reproduce by including white-and-dim washed look and furthermore by adding stains to your wood flooring. You’ll cherish this thought in an encased yard or lay in a radiant, open kitchen.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Try a Little Paint

Checker-designed floor is another approach to add texture and visual enthusiasm to your deck without tearing out the entire works. You’ll cherish the white check design that is perfectly extraordinary, yet additionally stows away unattractive staining and flaws in a more established wood floor. Never be reluctant to defy the norms while trying different things with designed carpentry.

Update Your Coffee Table

Multi-colored wooden coffee table is the ideal backup to a simple, white living​space. It adds a bit of rustic charm without feeling overly farmhouse-like.

Stunning Bathroom Flooring

A French-enlivened look by including a staggering clawfoot tub, lovely subwat tile and — best of all — a stunning herringbone wood floor. Similar to utilizing wood in your kitchen, make sure to treat and seal the wood flooring in your washroom to maintain a strategic distance from moisture issues. Despite the fact that it’s some additional work, it’s so justified, despite all the trouble for this staggering look.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Outfit an Entire Wall

Indeed, brilliant paint or finished backdrop is an incredible method to add depth to a divider, yet this carpentry thought is tied in with taking it to the following dimension. You’ll venerate the confused wood design and the different shades that give the room a natural south-western feel. By encircling wooden divider with white baseboard, style doesn’t overwhelm room’s look but instead supplements rest of stylistic decor.

Add Pops of Color

In the event that a herringbone wood floor is simple for you, we’ve discovered the ideal hope to kick it up an indent. You’ll cherish how the example thought that begins overwhelming and gradually decreases as it moves from the strong blue entryway. In spite of the fact that we think including shaded floor pieces works best in a little space like a door, we figure this could likewise add an intriguing visual touch to a nursery or children’s room.

Renovation of Villa in Bangalore

Vintage Woodworking

Twist on parquet flooring includes interest and lends rooms a vintage feel. The interlocking wood design looks stately and totally classy, and we can envision it finishing a formal lounge area or a sitting room.

Textured Wood Barn Door

It’s an obvious fact that we cherish barn doors, and this designed wooden adaptation is the ideal method to wed these two in vogue structure components. By laying the wooden pieces in a V-shape, this generally straightforward door looks completed and intentionally finished. Attempt a finished animal dwelling place entryway in your main room rather than a standard storage room entryway.