The debate goes on whether aluminium shutters are best or UPVC material shutters are best. Now how do we decide on this? 

Asper, a few reports by the best interior designers in Bangalore. UPVC is also known as un-plasticised Polyvinyl chloride. Both of them can be judged based on affordability, durability, installation, reusability and aesthetics. People, mostly prefer UPVC instead of aluminium shutters or windows, because it is much more durable and resistant. In other words, it has a long lifespan. Generally, a shutter made up of UPVC can long for 20-30 years without any replacement. But, this doesn’t mean that aluminium’s are not good, aluminium shutters are the best in terms of the lifespan of 45 years. 

Advantage of using UPVC 

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  • Most of the times aluminium are low on thermal efficiency whereas UPVC shutters are high on thermal efficiency. In simple words, we can say that UPVC is good conductors of heat. 
  • When it comes to soundproofing, you can use UPVC instead of aluminium because these are much more soundproof. Especially when you are living in a noisy area, prefer UPVC over aluminium. These windows are double/ triple glazed which make them easy to install and is lightweight.
  • Aesthetic difference between aluminium and UPVC is that a UPVC frame appears much more modern, minimal and clean whereas an aluminium frame is much more sleek and slim. This depends upon the interior design style you choose for your house. For example, in a contemporary style house, you can prefer UPVC frames because they provide you with a modern and curves feature. 
  • UPVC shutters/windows are available in different colours and give a plastic appearance; it provides you with the best value for money spent. UPVC covers much more Glass area which lets in much more sunlight in your room. This also becomes a major point of attraction.
  • Aluminium windows are expensive than UPVC because aluminium costs are higher in terms of raw material. But then UPVC shutters are much durable and non-degradable hence if you want to cut cost in future then prefer using UPVC. 
  • Moreover, UPVC requires very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a simple piece of cloth. Hence it’s better to prefer UPVC because it is cheap and affordable.

The drawback, of using UPVC is just that it does not get easily degraded; aluminium requires very less energy to get degraded after use whereas UPVC requires immense force to get degraded. Hence, we can say that aluminium is much more environmental friendly. So, this was the difference between aluminium and UPVC. All, the above points directly imply that UPVC is much better than aluminium except in terms of durability because both of them are equally durable.

Advantages of using Aluminium 

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  • Aluminum is non-corrosive which means that it does not rust; a thin oxide layer is formed to protect aluminum frames. It is durable and will last long for years.
  • When we talk about reflective Ness, aluminum is highly reflective which means that sunlight can easily be reflected away, keeping your house cool. It is a perfect frame, especially during summers.
  • Aluminum is 25% lighter than any other material. It is easy to handle and also has a strong grip. People mostly prefer aluminum shutters because of its good quality, which is unable to break.
  • If you’re planning to give a stylish look to your house, having aluminum modern style windows/shutters is one of the best ideas. It will give your house a glossy look and also sleek and shiny modern framing. Apart from these aluminum frames are available in different sizes, colours, types, frames, styles to suit your house style. Moreover, these are also available in different finishes like satin black, glossy white, powder-coated etc. 

Let’s decide!

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All,  that matters is the decor, both UPVC and aluminium windows are considered to be durable and affordable. This is always a hard question whether which is much better. Summarizing the whole argument aluminum windows are strong, have more glass which makes it looks adorable. They are durable and resistant. It does not get swollen or corroded. It is eco-friendly and available in any style you want. The only drawback here is that aluminum is a bad conductor of heat. These windows are highly durable and appealing, expensive than UPVC.

On the other hand, UPVC windows are strong, can form a part of security and also are easy to maintain. They are good conductors of heat and electricity. The benefit of using UPVC is that it blocks all the noise. The drawback here is that it has a shorter life.

For decor, one can prefer using aluminum rather than UPVC. Because aluminum is available in different colours, textures, styles and patterns. But if you are choosing something strong and for safety purpose then you PVC is much better. This was a comparison between UPVC and aluminium, now it’s your turn to choose a better side.

To, dig deeper into the netegrties of this debate and to explore the option of walking though the journey of these raw materials evolving into products. Log on to and explore designs by the best interior designers in Bangalore.