whitefield best Interior designer, dining room is a versatile place of your home which can serve multiple purposes. It can be used for both, a formal meeting and a casual get together. You can use it for your daily meals, or it can also be reserved for some special occasions. The dining room created for special events like festival season and parties must turn out the desired feeling. Home interior designers in Bangalore tells us that if designed smartly, the dining room can turn out to be our favorite place.

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While everyone has different choices, some things are always common. You need to be wise while purchasing the furniture and other stuff for the interiors. Here is a simple guide which can help you while designing your dining room.

Start From Paint

The first requirement of any place is paint. Every shade goes perfectly with the dining room, so it’s your choice that matters most. You can go for some warmer tones to create the best feeling because too cold colors can create a sense of sadness. Striped paint is also in trend nowadays and looks good in places like a dining room. Next thing is the ceiling. While most of the people believe in keeping the ceiling plain, the new trends are appreciating colorful designs. Especially, if your place is small and doesn’t allow the addition of decorative stuff, the ceiling can bring in the desired effect.

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Table: the center of attraction

The table is the essential part of a dining room. Many people love round tables, but the problem is these come in handy for only four or so people. If you try to increase the size of the table for more people, the diameter goes on increasing which can create a communication problem. Also, the table will become unnecessarily bigger. If you are a party host and designing the dining room for arranging meetups for many people, a rectangular table is a good idea. For a bit more interesting idea, you can go for oval shaped tables.

Create comfortable seating

We understand your love for the creative and fashionable stuff, but comfort must be the priority. While designing the dining room, make sure that the chairs are comfortable enough to sit for a long time. Your guests will be sitting there for at least 2 hours, and fashionable pieces can sometimes bring comfort issues. Interior decorators and Home Interior Designers in Bangalore can suggest you bench style chairs which look chic but carry many struggles. It’s tough to serve and being backless, the ease of seating for your guests is zero. Buy comfortable and perfect sized chairs so that everyone can sit adequately and enjoys the meals to fullest.

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Bring interest with lighting

Lighting is the best part of designing a dining room. It builds the feeling of warmth if done smartly. The room should be well lit. For illumination of place, you can go for chandeliers which look so damn amazing in the dining room. A big chandelier just above the table can make the environment moody and meals better. For more brightness, you can add lamps on side tables which could be turned off when not required. Interior designers in Bangalore, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggests buying opaque shade bulbs for your lamps and chandelier for more brightness. Also, consider the size of your room and bring sufficient lighting to prevent it from looking dark.

The family wall

If space allows, a family wall can make your dining room more personalized. We love to see our loved ones everywhere, and that’s why the framed photos are present in every part of our house. Whether you choose to add pictures of the complete family together or individual clicks, the place will look better. You can go for plain cardboard to hang pictures. The images can be changed daily. Like, while having a friends party, you can add photos of your group. You can also attach pictures of special meals and menu on special occasions.

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Add life to the place

What is the best way according to you to add life to a place? For me, houseplants do a great job. They are full of life, and the little greenery makes the room feel so fresh and energetic. However, according to vastu, the plants should be kept in limit and as small as possible. Regularly cleaning and trimming the plants is necessary to maintain hygiene in the place. If you are placing it on a bigger table, small stones can also be used to decorate. You can use the pebbles as it or paint them according to your choice.

Go for creative storage

The storage must be innovative and capable of holding everything nicely. However, if you will be using the dining room for regular meals, then modular furniture can be a problem. According to modular furniture manufacturers in Bangalore, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore modular storage solutions needs extra care to keep new for a long time. However, they look so elegant, and the elegance can be maintained like that if you know all the useful tips to take care of the furniture.

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Create some drama with colors

Play with colors to prevent the room from looking dull. However, you should make sure that nothing is looking overdone. Use bold colors, paint the walls and ceiling in multiple shades and experiment with the color of furniture. You can make DIY paintings by adding different colors easily to hand in the area. But don’t ruin the contrast. Visual contrast is a beautiful thing which keeps the place alive. For example, you can maintain contrast between table and chair. The contrast can also be achieved in material and style of the furniture.

A comfortable and soft couch or rug can also be added on the floor. The room will get its proper look with the floor cover and the guests will love to feel something cozy under their feet.

These were some of the tips which we follow while designing a dining room. You can also let us know more tips in the comment section if you have any.