Wooden to Aluminium, Open to Walk-in there certainly enough wardrobes in the market today to feed the need of any bedroom decor. Pink, black, yellow and green, there are enough colours in the kitty to blend in perfectly with any wall decor. While some of these wardrobes are made up of hardwood, some may be mad engineered wood. A few of the maybe designed, to stay the test of time, a few of the just bid their goodbyes even before the end of fewer months.

While some may have a high maintenance need, a few others may just need to be cleaning one in a week or few weeks. While the colour of some just fade away with time, the other just stay on after we die. True to the make, these wardrobe today are available in many different colours, shapes, make and prices.

While some just do the job of housing in clothes, shoes and such. A few others, just stand tall, stylish and create the aura of the room, while the provide enough space to house any amount of clothes, shoes, bags and more. As the volume in storage space and material in terms of make betters, the cost of purchase and installation goes on the climb the steps of price.

Affordability, in case, can always take the back seat in the purchase of a wardrobe, given the air of style and sophistication, it brings to any room it is installed into. Just like the lights in a room, a wardrobe can be listed under the line of essentials.

Today, we will be discussing a few points to be known about two very extensively used wardrobes                                                                                                                                      

Hinge Wardrobe and Sliding Wardrobe 

Wardrobe Interior design


For those us who dont know what a Hinge Wardrobe is 

Hinge Wardrobes are wardrobes with doors that open with handles and without handles. They require an ample amount of space to be opened fully. These wardrobes, give you enough vision of the contents housed inside it. Hinge Wardrobes, unsurprisingly are available in many colours in stock and can be made customisable easily for any customer need.

Any given handles can be used to open these wardrobes, although if you decide not to have any, you can then easily add a motor or a push to open mechanism to these wardrobes. However, with the world moving into appreciating sleeker designs, these wardrobes, would end up losing their relevance in the years to come. 

Sliding Wardrobes 

Wardrobe Interior design


Sliding Wardrobes as the name says uses a slide to open mechanism. They appear to be very sleek in design and can fit into the decor design of any given room they are placed in. These wardrobes just like, Hinge wardrobes are available in many different colours, materials and patterns. While they may be perceived to be a little more expensive than the earlier, they certainly fit the pockets of a large audience of customers. 

Sliding wardrobes can be made more presentable and fancy in their look with the installation of lacquered glass. The usability factor, of these wardrobes, is sometimes said to be frowned upon, as in most cases it requires you to be very careful while sliding it open and close. 

Reading on you will understand 

While either of these wardrobes can be broken down into two, in cases of the advantages and disadvantages they bring in to your room. We at Magnon India, don’t take much pleasure in doing so. As, each of these wardrobes can be seen to be functional, fashionable and futuristic in terms of design, storage space and usability on their own. 

As said rightly, “Judge them by their losers and not in their winners, because they have so few.” Having said all the same, it can turn out to be a task on its own, while choosing the right wardrobe for your room. This in most cases, ends up tearing the essence of the entire decor in a room, when taken casually. 

Besides, how good would a room look if the wardrobe fails to blend in well with the decor in the room? While there are several articles online, telling you how to still do so. We believe, there is a method behind every madness. Which in short, means you need the assistance of the best interior designers in Bangalore to help in choosing your wardrobes.  Although, it may sound like an easy tasked when explained in a YouTube video

Furthermore, if these wardrobes any type, if not built well would do not good neither for the decor arrangement nor in terms of usability. We at Magnon, have been in the processes of designing, producing and installing wardrobes. Over the past 5-6 years in business, we have successfully been able to bring smiles on the many thousands of faces. We make custom design, if needed in terms, of colour, storage, material and finish. If you have an idea, we have a design to back it to life. On the hindsight, if you are confused we are more than happy to run you through some of best selling wardrobe designs. 

If you are contemplating the purchase or looking to get a new wardrobe done for any or all the rooms in your new or old home. Then log on to www.magnonindia.com to first review our designs and if convinced mail into reachus@localhost, you can also contact us in +91 8880646464