Times have changed as per our preferences and lifestyles. There are lots of things to take into consideration before choosing a design or a style. For couples and people with more clothes we recommend three door and four dour wardrobes. They will have the same features as a two door wardrobe but with more shelf space on the sides and space for two hanging rails. This should hide everything inside with the right compartmentalization.


This design remains minimalist and you can play with colors and shapes when decorating the rest of the room. However, an open wardrobe with all freely displayed can be your choice too. Home Decor in Bangalore.
If you prefer the room to look clean and simple, then you can opt for a compact design. Sliding door wardrobes are the smart choice for people without a lot spare space for doors. The interior of a sliding door wardrobe will depend on the size and design but they’ll likely have a spacious hanging rail in more than one sections, ample shelf space and drawers along the bottom.

Selecting a Wardrobe?

Considering Mirrored doors will give you a more spacious feeling of the room as well.One aspect is to save space in the room. So instead of dedicating an empty wall to your wardrobe, you can custom design it around the windows if feasible. This can provide you a chance to even install a nice study table or reading space by your windows and between your cabinets.


Colours surely add a lot of vibrancy to bedrooms. Laminates, veneers, solid wood, particle boards are some popular choices available for wardrobes in India. While laminates offer you a wide range of colour options to go for, solid wood is also preferred if you like a wooden element in your room. Use of glass/mirror to create a dresser cum wardrobe unit for bedrooms is also the ongoing trend.Villa and apartment interior designer in bangalore, Home Decor in Bangalore

So Fitted wardrobes vs Standalone ones, Swinging Doors or Hinged Doors, Shelves vs Drawers, Contrast colours vs Matching colours etc. and still so much more to know and understand can be quite a task, but with the above wardrobe basics, we are sure to get you going! Contact Magnon for further inquiries.