Vastu interior designers Bangalore, your home is the most important place in your life. You can have fun eating in restaurants, dancing in clubs, and hanging out with friends, but the kind of peace you feel at home is eternal. After a tiring day at work when you step in your home, you will have a sort of relaxation that takes away half of your tiredness.

Sometimes, it might feel like the home doesn’t seem as soothing as it should be. There could be fights between couples or something that creates a sort of tension in the house. The Vastu interior designers Bangalore explain that this all happens due to the prevalence of negative energy in the home.

Some people don’t believe in placing items at a particular place or position of a specific part of the home, such as a bedroom or living room. But, some things that are related to well keeping of your home can hinder the amount of positive energy in the house.

So, if you also feel that your home doesn’t seem as positive as it should be, you should give everything a check. Even if you don’t want to go overboard on serious Vastu tips or Fengshui tips, some typical cleaning and arranging things will do the job.

Keep It Clean

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Cleanliness is by far the best thing you can start with. Keep everything clean. Now, everyone for regular cleaning, but here we aren’t referring to that. You have to clean your home thoroughly. Clean the windows and make sure the glasses are clear. Don’t let mold or anything like that generate in any part of your home. Keep your kitchen free from oil and grease. Not daily, but it’s important to give a thorough clean to your home every once in a while.


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When I asked for advice from the interior designers near me, Vastu tips interior designers Bangalore, they suggested keeping the home decluttered. There shouldn’t be any expired medicines in your medical box, and it should be managed appropriately. Make sure you keep everything at their place instead of throwing anywhere and everywhere.

For example, the bedsheets should be in a separate cupboard, and your closet must only belong to the clothes you wear daily. Your decor items must always be clean and in the right place. Even the spices and cutlery in the kitchen must be arranged.


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Houseplants tend to play an important role in your home. They are known to soak up moisture, work as an air purifier, and look great as a decor piece. You can easily get one that can survive in your climate plus there are immense varieties. You can find plants that need minimal care so that you don’t have to worry about their growth.

Houseplants can break the monotony and can add a touch of color if you have a basic theme. You can a little table plant or a big one in out besides your sofa.

Add Your Favourite Colours

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What makes you feel best? You will be irritated seeing things that you don’t like. So, it is better to add stuff that you love, and color comes to the first place. When you have a soothing color in your home, you feel relaxed and happy, and that’s positive energy.

Add brighter colors if possible as they tend to initiate positive energy better than neutrals. Earthy tones are best for bedrooms, but your living room must feel lively and full of energy. And that can be best achieved with brighter shades.

The interior decorators in Hebbal suggest adding everything that makes you feel better. You should even choose the colors of bedsheets and cushions wisely because of even the smallest things matter.

Make Your Bed Every Day

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Though we felt tortured when our parents asked us to make our bed every morning, it’s one habit that everyone needs to have. You must make your bed as soon as you are out. Even if you will be staying in bed for the whole day, making it once is essential to wipe off any dirt and create a sense of relaxation.

I personally think that making your bed makes you feel relaxed. It reduces tension and creates a calm and soothing environment. If you are working, a well-made bed will feel more comfortable and welcoming when you return.

Add Quotes

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Quotes not only serve as one of the best decor items for children, but they are inspiring as well. You can frame them or paste as wallpapers. Create something like a vision board and stick some good quotes for some motivational dose. You can change them every week or at least monthly.

Your bedroom must be the safest place for you. It should make you feel protected and happy. Make sure it is free from anything that makes you said. Even your closet needs to have clothes that you are in love with. Add decor items that make you feel protected. Don’t keep anything under your bed. It never generates better vibes.