Top leading interior designers Bangalore, the dressing room is the most important part of the home, especially for girls. Not only do we love to dress up, but we also want to showcase our beautiful collection. And that’s why a closed wardrobe isn’t always enough to accomplish our dressing room goals.

A walk-in wardrobe has unlimited perks. It offers a separate space to put your collection on show. When you have a dressing room instead of just a dressing table, you don’t have to keep everything arranged when you are in a hurry. Moreover, you get enough floor space to dress up and admire yourself.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

Your bedroom could have enough space for everything mentioned above, but a dressing room is a different thing. You only have dresses, accessories, shoes, etc. around you. The bedroom furniture could feel like a hurdle while trying on that flowy dress of yours. And that’s why you need a separate corner, even if it’s small.

We have picked some beautiful dressing room design ideas from the book of the Top leading interior designers Bangalore so that you can choose your inspiration. Can’t wait to see your dressing room catching glimpses? Here is something you are going to love. Even if you are not planning to manage a separate space, the ideas will help.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

Choose the Right Dressing Table

The dressing table must complement the rest of the furniture in the room in terms of both shades and textures. Picking the right dressing table requires you to take care of a lot of things. The color of the tables must be the same as the rest of the furniture. If you have feathered rugs, your dressing chair must also look like that.

Golden and blush pink teamed with white and grey look amazing when it comes to dressing corner.

Make Your Clothes Storage Stand Out

Do you feel that the doors of your wardrobe make your room feel enclosed? It happens. To avoid that wall like feel from closets, you can go for open storage. Everything you own will be on display, and you will keep the closet arranged, which will definitely help in losing fewer things.

Make your room Insta worthy by adding a similar classic table. You can add a few cushions, a beautiful rug, and decorative mirrors for the best effect.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

The Little Walk-in Wardrobe

If you have a little space between bedroom and ensuite, your walk-in wardrobe doesn’t ask for anything more. Since the bathroom will be too close, it’s better to have fitted closets with doors so that you can prevent your valuable stuff from bathroom steam.

The Top leading interior designers Bangalore suggest covering it with blinds for a separate space like feeling. You can even go for mirrored doors if there is a chance of getting one.

Mirrored Doors Give an Elegant Look

Sliding doors are the best way to achieve a separate space, even if you are creating a dressing area in the same room. If you have a separate room, that’s great. Sliding mirror doors not only prevent dust from intriguing inside but also keep everything you own at the blink of an eye. The mirrored doors can be used to admire you from tip to toe, plus it will create an illusion of bigger space as well.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

Use that weird corner

So we all have an unloved corner in the home which could be an awkward nook, ceiling slope, and even an unsymmetrical corner.

You might find that it can’t fit a full wardrobe, but it can definitely work as your dressing area. Get a compact dressing table and a cute little chair to create your mini dressing area. Your closet can be in the bedroom.

The Top leading interior designers Bangalore suggest topping up the look with some fun wallpaper for an elegant look.

The Fitted Dressing Room

Bespoke fitted furniture can help you use every inch of your dressing area. So, the arrangement starts with full-length dresses that need full length hanging space, then half-length hanging space for shirts, shelves for shoes and accessories, and so on.

Not only it uses every inch of your space from walls, but it also leaves ample floor space to get ready.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

A Dressing Room That Puts Your Beauties on Show

Glazed door wardrobe is the best thing you can do to show off the best of what you own. The best thing is that you can light it up for a better view during the night.

If you have got a charming collection of shoes and dresses, and don’t want to show one by one when your friends arrive, this glazed doors dressing area is perfect.

A Room Divider to Create A Separate Space

So if you have a bigger room and no separate room to create your dressing area, the room divider can be of great help. A simple or floor to ceiling length wardrobe can serve as a room divider in your bedroom.

Both the rooms will appear perfect sized, and you will have a separate space without actually having. The Top leading interior designers Bangalore suggest going for the same if you want a study room or home office in your bedroom.

Top leading interior designers Bangalore

Give a Touch of Decor to a Spare Room

If you have a little spare room that you use for nothing, it can be your dressing area. Add a touch of glamour with mirrored doors and create seating with a daybed. This way, you will get a chance to show your decor skills plus you will have some extra space for unexpected guests.

Decorate it in such a way that despite being a dressing room, it can serve as a comfortable guest room in need. Have multiple storage options to hide away your stuff when you use the room for a different purpose.

Go Budget-Friendly

If you are renting and don’t want to invest in furniture, mirrored doors, and anything else, curtains will surely help. Create a separate space with full-length curtains near the wardrobe, and you will have a budget-friendly dressing area.