Behold! First space that one sees as soon as they enter the house is its living Room. For some that space is the only glimpse of the house they will ever have. So we can definitely say that the living room is like a nose of the house. What’s seen there is all that contributes to the first impression of the visitor.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore.

Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore

Right from the smallest details like the porch, main door design, foyer, position of the shoe box and its design, Position of the vase etc. To the kind of circulation your created pockets are offering, sofa choices, distances between two sitting spaces etc. All is creating a comfort level…or discomfort.
Let’s look into the colour themes for living spaces of walls and furniture for now. The classic black-and-white colour palette can give a refreshing twist when blue is added to the mix. Blue accents add hints of the wall colour to the living area. A turquoise, neon yellow and grey colour palette for cheerful living room with a soft blue modular sofa. That shines with electric neon pillows atop it with a slate-grey wall backdrop is also perfect.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore.

Living Room Design – Colour Palettes

A baby-blue shade that extends to the flooring with a blue- and green-patterned carpet makes a cozy living space. Grass-green elements are added to the soothing colour palette with accent piece like an upholstered ottoman, bench and cushions. Mixing navy blue and brown may seem dark for a living room, but the colour palette works beautifully for a cosy seating area. Beautiful shades of turquoise and hot pink are big hits of colour in a living room’s palette to create a bright, airy and happy space that integrates both feminine and masculine details.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore.

Similarly, Yellow red and orange, Black and Gold, Tangerine and peacock Blue, Glamorous Purple and white are few other combinations that will bring a unique style to your home. Enjoy the pride of ownership and the confidence of choosing the right value at Magnon. Many of your loves in furniture as well as colours are blended in our designs for you.

There many reasons and ways to design this special place of your house as well as we are giving you just the right ones!