Arranging a TV in a living room with other furniture is among the greatest design interior challenges, especially for people who have devoted themselves to watching TV. Most of us don’t have a TV room— so our rooms need to multi function, and accommodating a big screen with all manners of living is tricky. But positioning for a view is sometimes as easy as moving the furniture.Ideas given out by Top interior designers,Interior design architect in Bangalore.

Living Concept

To create conversation areas and determining a focal point, TVs are rarely placed in corners unless the space is very limited. Also having any daytime light seeping from right behind it is a very bad example to position it as it would cause glare. Having a door/ window exactly opposite to it is equally bad as it would just get reflected on the screen stopping you to watch anything on the TV during the day.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore

When it is meant to be the center focus of a wall, a big screen at a low height would call for a merry time with family and friends without the need to crane your neck. Using the classic black and white color palette for background would make a lot of difference in terms of enhancing the vibrancy of the display and create a simple contrast that doesn’t distract the eye.

Moving the TV next to another focal point, in this case a dining table or other adjoining decor, takes the emphasis off the screen. So, place the TV such that it doesn’t dominate – having a back lit arrangement would help shift the focus when needed and would also act as a decor addition.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore

Any position where the TV sits on a pedestal and is flanked by a symmetry (e.g. Flanked by dual bookcases), it’s a winner each time. These tips will help you create a functional and visually pleasing living room.Top interior designers,Interior design architect in bangalore