Rack Design Ideas for a Wonderful Storage

The top interior designers in Yelahanka suggest several creative organizing tips that can evoke the creativity nerve if your kids. Decluttered home has several pros. You find everything in place, there is no useless stuff, everything stays clean, and you have ample space to add artworks.

Everyone wants a well-managed house. A home that is well maintained looks clean and also makes it easy for you to find things on time. Even lazy people like to do some creative and fun work, and you can’t deny that fact that organizing is a fun chore. You can indulge your little ones with you to add the habit of organizing in them.

Top interior designers in Yelahanka

Shelves and racks are an essential thing in every home for better storage and organization. Most of the times, the terms are used interchangeably, but there is a difference in both. While shelve is rigid and fixed rectangular shapes, the rack is a frame of metal with sometimes multiple shelves. Both are best for storage purpose, and what makes racks best is the availability of various styles. The racks can be moved and styled as per requirements.

Finding the right rack must not be a difficult task, but getting the best design is sometimes a confusing thing. You have multiple options, and that’s why it’s better to have an eye on some of the designs so that you can be less confused. Here are some of the best rack designs and styles.

Top interior designers in Yelahanka

Adjustable racks

These types of storage essentials can be adjusted according to needs. They come with a variety of options where you can increase or decrease the gap between two shelves according to your choice. The best thing about these racks it that you can set them as per the available space and the stuff you want to place over it. Other benefits of adjustable shelves are that these racks give a different design with every adjustment. You can have as many shelves as you want only the space between the shelves will go on decreasing. This is a perfect collection for your living room.

Diamond cross rack

Nothing defines your interior better than geometric shapes, and these are words from the Top interior designers in Yelahanka. A diamond-shaped cross rack looks elegant, and it changes the look of an empty wall in no time. It can have three shelves where you can put pots, books, a cute alarm, statue, or whatever you love. Such racks are perfect for living rooms and even bedrooms.

Top interior designers in Yelahanka

Fire escape rack

Many people love the city style effect in their interiors. Creating skyscrapers is the best way, especially when you do it with racks. You have storage space, beautiful design, and a touch of industrial style. This is perfect for those who don’t want to go minimalistic. You need multiple shelves to create skyscrapers on your wall. Stack several racks together, and there you go. You place your little decorative stuff over the shelves and enhance your wall.

The mountain rack

If you are someone who loves the vintage effect and has rustic interior designing, the mountain rack is something you must get. It complements the cottage style interiors and beautifies the overall look. With the wires giving a mountain like look to the upper part and enhancing the lower part with a solid base, the rack is perfect for industrial style interiors as well. Though there is little space, a cute indoor plant pot will serve as the best option to add some more charm to the small rack. You can decorate as per your theme.

Coat racks

These are the racks used in mushrooms to hang your coats and other clothes. These do come in a variety of styles. From single horizontal racks to vertical racks with a single hook, these are something every mudroom needs. You can also use them in bathrooms. The Top interior designers in Yelahanka suggest buying some stylish pieces so that even your mudroom looks well managed and well decorated.

Top interior designers in Yelahanka

Wine racks

Racks are most widely used to place wine bottles because they not only protect the delicate and expensive pieces but also make it easy to take them out when required. Wine racks come in a variety of styles including riddling racks, crate styled, and wines carts. Other types of wines racks include a tipsy wine rack that has bottle shaped wires over a wooden piece. You can also go for creative copper wire wine racks that have faux leather to provide a comfortable seat for your bottles.

Shoe racks

Shoe racks are the most common and most widely used ones. These are also essential for mudrooms to keep your footwear arranged. These come in a variety of styles and materials. You can get one according to the number of pieces you want the rack to hold. The most simple ones include metal racks that have multiple shelves. These are best because the dirt and dust from your shoes is slowly collected at the bottle through the gaps of the shelves. You can put these racks even in the outside area of your home to maintain cleanliness inside the house. Garden shoes that are too dirty can be placed there.

Top interior designers in Yelahanka

Floating racks

These racks are smaller in size, and something placed on them looks like floating in the air. Floating racks hold a girl position in interior designing styles because of their simple and elegant look. These come in a variety of styles including the invisible ones and the shelves with a statue holding the base. The invisible racks have glass base with metal strands holding the bottom. Superman shelves where the hand of a statue holds the shelf are high in trend.

Drying racks for kitchen

Kitchens make use of almost all types of racks. The Top interior designers in Yelahanka suggest that hanging racks for cutlery, riddling racks for spices bottles, and even floating racks can be used in the kitchen to manage storage. Drying racks for the kitchen are metal stands with multiple rows that can hold all the kitchen cloths. You can place these racks near the kitchen window.