An Extensive Guide to Carpets

According to the top interior designers in Hebbal, Carpets is one of the most important things in the household, which makes you feel comfortable and luxurious. It is beneficial for barefoot walking, and also children can play on them without any problem. They also act as a cushion when something sharp like metal nails falls on them as they prevent you and your little champs by letting the sharp points infuse in them.

Top interior designers in Hebbal

The carpets is one of the very basic things that is present in every home. Selecting the right carpet according to your needs is a major task. In the market, there is many types of carpets available out of which you can pick yours as per your requirements. According to the top interior designers in Hebbal carpets help us in saving energy because of their insulation property. As well as, carpets can be also uses as a rug as they cover the floor from wall to wall, there is no need for an additional rug in the room. In this article, we are going to share with you everything that relates to carpets. It’s better we prepares with all the information to save both time and energy while making a purchase.

Here goes the extensive guide:

Types of Carpets According to Material

There is basically four types of carpets available in the market, depending on the material. You can choose from them according to your preferences. You can also follow the suggestions of your top interior designers in Hebbal if you hires one.


Nowadays, Nylon carpets is in great use. It is synthetic carpets. It is widely use in homes and clinics because they are suitable for people who are suffering from asthma and allergies. And also, it is easy to maintain and wash. As well as, they are dustless and it is also resistant to stains. But Nylon is very expensive than other materials.

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Polyester carpets is very soft and have a great look. They are very luxurious and have great lustre. In the same way, it is resistant to stains and also an eco-friendly synthetic fibre for all your needs. They are not as durable as nylon, but they are cheaper than nylon.


It is also known as polypropylene. It is used mainly because of its look similar to wool.

But it is not even better than nylon and polyester. It does not resist stains and dirt, but it’s resistant to water and dries immediately if some water is thrown on it. That’s the only good reason to go for it.

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Wool carpets have a wonderful look and construct very nicely. They are organic in nature and readily available in the market. They are more expensive than synthetic carpets, but they are highly durable and robust. Similarly, they are resistant to stains but can absorb any liquid like water. Likewise, they are also resistant to fire. And being a renewable source, they serve as the best eco-friendly option.

Carpet Construction and Quality Determination

Carpets are available in the market in various designs and types. Since it is your time to select according to your needs, you must know the construct or weave type to choose a better option. They can be divided as yarn twists and as tufted. 90% of the total carpets are tufted carpets. Here are some facts that determine the quality of carpets.

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The twist is the way which decides how the fibre is twisted. The goodness of carpet depends mainly on the tightness of twists.

In carpets like cut pile, the tips are open, so twist in these types of carpets is most necessary. The most twisted carpet is Frieze carpet, and because of its high twist rates, it’s considered highly durable.


The density is the most important factor for the wettability, durability, and strength of the carpets. The density of the carpet depends on how tightly the carpets are made from fibres.

Also, you can check the denseness of the carpet by lifting it and seeing through it something brighter. If you see lights through it, then it is less dense.

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Why Stain Resistant Carpet

If you lives in a home where you have kids, pets, or someone less mature, then you are advised to use a carpet which is more resistant to stains and washed easily. Nylon is the best choice for these types of requirements.

Carpet Texture

These refer to how the fibers attaches to one another. There is three main types in which strands connects.

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Cut Pile

These types of carpets is made by having cuts at the end. In these types of carpets uses in most comfortable areas. Velvet, Saxony, frieze, shag, and cable are significant types.


Loop carpets are made by looping a pattern by fibres. They are solid and have high capabilities of sand hiding. In these types, Berber is the most common one. As well as, they are suitable for joint families where there is too many people in the home. What top interior designers in Hebbal love most about them is that they are luxurious.

Top interior designers in Hebbal

Cut Loop

In these designs, carpets is made by high cuts and few loops. They are very good to use but not as durable as loop structure carpets.

Dye Methods

There are two methods which uses most while dying a carpet. According to top interior designers in Hebbal, you must know the dye type to make a better choice depending on the way you will be using the carpet.

Top interior designers in Hebbal

Solution Dye

In this method, the fibres colors before they are woven. By this, the colour is stronger and fades less against chemicals.

Continuous Dye

This we uses when the carpet is ready to use. This is quite simpler and gives solid colours to carpets. The colours and patterns isn’t as sophisticates as they turn around with the above method.

Colour Selection

Colour selection is the most important feature in the selection of carpet. You should buy a carpet which matches and goes well with your decor. Go to the store for samples and try to buy something relevant colours as the paint of your walls or your furniture.