The right flooring will add great glamour to the entire room. Top interior designers in Bangalore.The first thing in the home many of our guests notice is our flooring. And if not done rightly, the first thing that shows its wear and tears out of all other things in the home is Flooring.

So the type of flooring for each room or complete home has to be decided based on the usage of the room. When selecting a floor for your home there are some key aspects you should consider. First thing is the maintainability. The maintainability of the flooring is equally important to the look and style of flooring.

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Think that you have opted for great looking flooring which needs good maintenance. But if you are unable to maintain it properly then the sole purpose of opting great looking flooring will be lost. Within a year or two, your flooring looks old and stained which in turn also affects the appearance of your entire home. So when selecting the type of flooring always think, to what extent you will be able to maintain the floor, else it is recommended to select the type which needs less maintenance.

The next important thing you should keep in mind when selecting the type of flooring for each room is, the traffic the floor is likely to face. And of course, you will always consider your budget when selecting the flooring. Low budget doesn’t always mean that you have to compromise on quality or looks of your flooring.

At Magnon India, one of the we have delivered our customers the best quality and style at affordable costs. Being one of the top interior designers in Bangalore we are experts in providing great quality and luxurious interiors at affordable prices. Now let’s talk about some of the most popular types of flooring/


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This is one of the best options for the people who need budget-friendly, stylish and easily maintainable flooring. They come in different designs and types. Like ceramic, stone, porcelain etc; the installation and repair of tiles is also relatively easy when compared to other types of flooring.

Bamboo Flooring:

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Bamboo flooring adds ultimate elegance to your home. They come in different shades and are also highly durable.

Vinyl Flooring:

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Vinyl flooring gives the luxurious look of wood and stone. This needs relatively less maintenance when compared to wood flooring.

Apart from these some of the other best flooring options include concrete flooring, wood flooring, marble flooring, cork flooring and many more.If you are looking to revamp your old flooring or looking for flooring and interior designing services for your new home in Bangalore. Talk to our interior designing experts at Magnon India.