Becoming one of the Top Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore is not a simple task, Magnon achieved with there own unique signature in designs build by them.

Top Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

Interior designing is not a new field of opportunity.

Although this field of designing got more of opportunities and its fame as “interior designing” recently.

Even India had a great history of Interior designing at ages of kings.

Who so ever has visited the historical monuments of Kings could have seen the magnificent interior designing’s.

But in the earlier times these design’s was just seen in the house of persons who are wealthier.

Now the time has changed, style has changed and the designing’s has also changed.

It is even seen that not only in residential building but also in commercial building the interior designing plays an important role.

These changes have given us a great opportunity to show our skills.


In interior designing the flooring is important part.

At Magnon, we always suggest that it is better to select the furniture and flooring material first.

As when you select the color first, it may not go as planned because matching the furniture and tiles or other item to wall is difficult.

While selecting the floor tiles or wooden floor and furniture’s and then selecting the paint color will be far better and matching to the combination.

Finding out the paint matching the furniture’s is easier than vice versa.

In today’s style in interior designs have brought lots of changes in flooring.

There is lots of material which are available for flooring such as wooden floor, granite, marble, tile etc.

And even there are new styles and patterns which are arriving within few days.

Thus, we at Magnon always try to introduce new patterns to our customers and keep things updated due to which Magnon is one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.

The Wooden Interior designing of Ancient times

Wooden flooring is not a new style of interior designing.

You can even see the ancient palace of the kings have mostly used woods for their interior designing.

As one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore, we know Bangalore had great history kings such as the great Tipu Sulthan.

Ancient palace is mostly found of using wooden materials for their interior designing.

Such as wooden furniture’s like chair, “Simhasana” the royal chair where the king sits, door’s, pillars and even the floor.

These all are designed by the expert carpenters.

There was even craziness of craving one full wood block for making single furniture.

Kings even used wooden made material as transportation which was also carved with good designing’s such as chariots and palaks.

Chariots were mostly tied to horse with good interior carving made on woods.

Palaks were carried by servants of the kings in their shoulder this also had a good interior designs made of wood.

The Wooden designing’s of 21st century

Styles in Interior designs are having a rapid change as we at Magnon always try to bring our customers with such unique pattern and trends in the flooring.

But the fact is that the royal design of king’s ages is still having the pride of royalty.

In the 21st century of wooden flooring’s the wooden material are even basically classified as Hardwood, softwood and Laminate.


Hardwood is mostly from the trees which are having big leaves, produce fruits or nut.

There are lot of varieties of hardwood such oak, ash, cherry etc.

These Hardwoods is durable and long-lasting for flooring and other use such as furniture, timber etc.

Each type of hardwood has its own patterns, texture and colors.

Hardwoods are mostly having some weight compared to that of other woods.


Softwood is much more light weighted which is used for interior designing up to limit.

A softwood tree is mostly found with needles rather than leaves.

For instance: – hemlock, pine, redwood, spruce etc.

Laminate Wood

Laminate wood is multi-layered synthetic floor made by a lamination process.

The inner layer of laminate wood is usually composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.

It is easier to install and maintain than that of traditional wood such as hardwood or softwood.

And also have the chance of advantages in expense as the cost may be less to that other flooring and it requires only less skill to install than any other flooring materials.

It is further durable, hygienic and also relatively easy to maintain.

Benefits of Wooden Flooring

 Magnon is being the one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore, we believe that natural material as wood is better than that of artificial materials.

There are lots of benefits that can be received from the use of wooden flooring such as –


  • Long-term investment –


Hardwood increases is the price of your property.

The value of your property increases when you have hardwoods.

It can bring fast cash at the time of resale and also can bring you higher price than spend.

Top Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

  • Simple to clean –


It is far easier to clean compare to that other flooring materials.

They do not catch much dirt or dust.

You only need to clean once in a week with vacuuming, moping.

Top Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

  • Rich in look –


With the touch of wooden flooring the floors can give a classic royal look to the floor.

With the warmth, beauty and value of wood the style of wood never get out of trend.

And also it is said that the wooden floors are also said to enable a look of spaciousness wherever they are installed.


  • Strength and durable –


Hardwoods that are kiln-dried, manufactured and finished can last for generations.

They can stand up active for work-space and places with heavy foot traffic.

Quality hardwood flooring’s are tough and have long term durability.

Top Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

  • Quick installation –


The wooden flooring materials are specifically milled with uniform and stable fittings.

The finished hardwood selection is an important factor.

There are lots of further more benefits of wooden flooring. For more information contact Magnon Interiors – Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.