Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore – The use of glass in interior designing is not new. When we look back at the time, we find those display bookshelves with glass doors. So, now we are welcoming glass again, and that too with more style. Since we can’t use everything as it was earlier because that looks old-fashioned, glass has also made its comeback with some changes. The home interior designers are expanding glass decoration from doors to everything we use in the home, and that’s what makes it more classic. If you are also looking for some good tips to decorate your home with glass, keep reading till the end.

Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

A glass table is everything

Nothing looks better than a glass table. It is classic, beautiful, and one of the trendiest things in the present architectural. You can go for a side table wholly made of glass with some elegant designs on it. If you don’t like whole glass, you can go for glass top with wooden or metal bottom. A dining table will look great in this style and works better than an entire glass table. You can also get a tempered glass coffee table because it doesn’t break easily and looks fantastic.

Don’t miss the view with glass railings

All of us love the beautiful balcony view. But, to prevent our little champs from falling and due to the fear of robbers, we don’t tend to keep our balcony area open. The glass railings are the best when you live near a beach or mountain area. You can cover your balcony and enjoy the beautiful world outside it at the same time. If you don’t like the plane glass, the best interior designers will help you colorful glass or glass with details.

Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Glass floors look cool

People who get skylights in their home usually go for glass floors to lit up the basement. Also, when you have got something outstanding in your basement that you want everyone to see, glass floors are the best way. You can’t take everyone to the basement to show what you have done there, but with glass floors, everyone will notice even without your telling. Moreover, the most important things to go for glass floors is that because it is trendy and looks cool.

Colorful glass walls for shower

You are not hearing about glass walls in the shower for the first time, are you? Even if you are hearing it for the first time, let me tell you that it looks wonderful. You might be thinking that a transparent glass wall will look awkward, and that’s why the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore have found another way for you. You don’t need to go for transparent walls if you don’t like it because we also have colored glass. The colored glass comes in a variety of colors, and you can choose an eye soothing color after consulting with your decorator.

Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Divide a big room with glass walls

Most of the times we want to separate a big place in parts to use it for different functions. For example, if your dining room and living room are one, you might want to separate them using something that generates a feeling of privacy without actually parting the space. Use glass walls to separate the two areas in addition to adding elegance. You will find that even if the glass is transparent, it looks like a separate space without cutting you entirely off the other side.

Glass Vases

Glass decorative pieces have always attracted us and will continue to do so forever. Glass vases are one of the most widely used decorative pieces in home interiors because of their beautiful look and easy availability. If you are decorating your home with glass, your work will not end without buying beautiful glass vases. You can also add natural indoor plants in the glass vase for a better look. However, if you can’t care for indoor plants, beautiful roses with little branches will also do the wonder.

Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

The transparent cabinet

The cabinet is one of the essential things every homeowner needs. You can also get a glass cabinet to do the glass things in your home. A glass cabinet can also be used as a showcase that brings the most beautiful things in your home in light. The aquarium style cabinets are most popular because they don’t look like the traditional display bookshelves and add elegance to the whole room. Wooden ends will look awesome in glass cabinetry, but if you own everything in metal, steel or bronze will look better.

Curtains with glass beads

Curtains are a must have in every home, and that’s why Top Interior Designers in Bangalore are giving you the simplest tip to add the elegance of glass to your interiors. The modern curtains can be found with beautiful glass beads. You can hang them anywhere in the home, but the best of them will show up in an area that is well lit. The glass beads will shine like a diamond in the light making the whole room appear shinier.

Top Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Add color to glass

This tip is for your kitchen. You can buy colored glass jars, bottles, and other kitchen essentials to bring more elegance to your kitchen. The modular kitchen dealer in Marathahalli says that glass makes a good combo if you have a modular kitchen in your home. Bowls, glasses, and even plates will look beautiful when you use them to decorate your kitchen.

Opaque glass for kitchen cabinet doors

You love glass doors for cabinets, but you don’t want to show off the mess inside your cabinets. Don’t worry; we have got the perfect solution for you because we know how it feels when you can’t go for things you love from the core of your heart. Use an opaque glass to make the doors to rock glass decoration in your kitchen.

These were a few tips to help you with glass decoration. Everything that we experiment with and looks good becomes a trend, and that’s why we suggest you experiment the thoughts you are carrying in your head. If you have some more ideas apart from these, please share in the comment section below.