Top Interior Decors in Bangalore, Bedrooms designed by Magnon will be designed by taking all the ideas and the space will be utilized efficiently and they are known for the Interior designers in Jp nagar,Villa and apartment interior designer in bangalore. 

Why you need a bedroom? To rest and recharge, right? And everyone loves to have a bedroom that looks luxurious and beautiful. But if smaller space is the obstacle in your path of designing your bedroom, you are reading the right thing. The thing that larger spaces have more opportunities to experiment is true but that doesn’t mean smaller spaces don’t have. A smaller bedroom is best to keep distractions like tv, internet, and others out of the room and have a great sleep. Here are tips you must follow to have a small yet stylish bedroom. Magnon gives the best ideas for designing the bed rooms and is known as the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Top Interior Decors in Bangalore

Choose light and bright colours

Create a layer on layer pattern or do drama with white or off-white colours to have a feel of larger space. Your room will not look stuffed and the patterns will prevent the room from looking boring and cold. It combats the absence of larger windows to add space and light.

Keep your bed in a corner

Bed in the centre of the wall might look cool in larger spaces but when you have a space problem, keeping your bed in a corner will save space and elegance together. Tuck your bed up to create a cosier sleeping area. Tucking up against wall or corner will also add extra space.

Top Interior Decors in Bangalore

Skip headboard

Headboard might look good but removing it can also save space. Even if it covers a few inches of space but for smaller bedrooms, each inch is big. A wallpaper or a hanging headboard will do the job for you without consuming extra space.

Mirrors are the best

Mirrors can do a large number of jobs for you in one go. They expand your little bedroom by creating an illusion of large space. They look best in your room as a decorative piece and the best part is they make the room look brighter because reflective surfaces tend to welcome more natural light into the room.

Storage under the bed

If you are in need to buy a new bed for your space, buy beds that can help with storage too. Beds that have drawers under them can act as extra storage space without covering any inch of your room. If it feels like the drawers won’t open because of extremely less space, try using decorative bins for extra space. A touch of DIY with milk crates or woven baskets will work amazingly in your small bedroom. Magnon Interior designers are known as the  Top Interior Designers in Bangalore

Top Interior Decors in Bangalore

Do wonder with floating shelves

Floating shelves can be used for multiple purposes in a small bedroom. It can be used as a place for a nightstand, to place books, to keep small modern boxes and decorative pieces, to keep the laptop and other essential things you might need in your bedtime.

Top Interior Decors in Bangalore

Alcove or inbuilt shelves

Alcove and inbuilt shelves are best ways to store things in a small bedroom. They won’t cover extra space and you would have some space to keep things in a manner that look good. Alcoves can be used to keep clocked and other decorative things.All these are taken into considerations and they design the best bedrooms and are known as the  Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.