Being one of the Top Interior Designer Bangalore we have provided with lots of different kitchen models for our customers.

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A customer is always the core factor before starting a designing, as we always start with their suggestions and interest.

Kitchen is not just simple space for designing. It requires lots of focus and attention while creating one.

As an Interior designer he/she should be able to design a kitchen as per the customer’s requirements.

Furthermore, it is not always common usage for every customers, some customer maybe always be using the kitchen for preparing food while some other customers may not use on regular basis or they may be using only to preparing the food.

Magnon always try to bring out one of the best interior suited to the purpose and characteristics of the customer.

Top Interior Designer Bangalore

In today’s modern lifestyle, there are lots of changes in usage of kitchen.

Most of the persons at home go for their work so they don’t get much time in preparing food as they either hire a home servant or bring home food from restaurants.

While some may try to have their kitchen with much more space so that they could have a small meeting with a cup of tea or coffee to discuss on several matters.

Kitchen is an important area for ladies chats as women’s in Indian culture is mostly found at kitchen preparing food for their beloved ones.

And for best interior kitchen design, it is better to give much prior importance to the comments and suggestion and ideas of women’s.

Their ideas and suggestions can bring out one of the best ideal kitchens for home as it is designed as per specified needs of customer usage.

Different types of kitchen designing by Top Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon India

Interior designing has brought lots of styles into the field of kitchen.

Out of which most of them are still a popular and having high demand in the market.

So, are you planning for a trending new kitchen for your home? Or are you refurnishing your home with a new style of kitchen?

For the better understanding let us discuss on one of best kitchen interiors for you, we are one of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Let us help you with one of the best kitchen to help you make your delicious food with warm smell.

For the delicious food to be prepared, it is not just based on the ingredients. But also the presence of peaceful mind of the chef who creates is an important secret ingredient.

Here is a brief intro to the kitchen styles which is much more popular in today’s world.

One-wall Kitchen

This type of kitchen is built on linear wall and it is typically found in small homes and apartments.

It is mainly used to conserve the space available and to reduce the cost on construction.

One other feature of this kitchen is that all appliances, cabinets are on the wall.

Another benefit of this type of kitchen is that all the essential tools is assigned in wall within reach of hand for preparing a food.

Likewise, one-wall kitchen is further much easier to maintain as it helps in preparing and cleaning-up in single space.

And so, if you are looking for one-wall kitchen let us help you with furthermore better ideas and concept to make your kitchen much more stylish and modern.

We have provided with lots of best design for one-wall kitchen that makes us the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore.

U-shaped Kitchen

Looking for the best U-shaped kitchen design for your home? Come visit Top Interior Designers in Bangalore, Magnon.

U-shaped kitchen is kitchen design with three walls. These walls are mostly attached with cabinets and other home appliances.

It also helps in utilizing the floor space available.

In this type of design the wall space is maximized by cabinets and appliances.

U-shaped kitchen can be used in lots of kitchen styles and for the best homeowners must try to place their home appliances into work area in single space.

Thus, it will allow them to work more efficiently each time they are in their new kitchen.

Get in contact with Magnon, if you’re remodelling your kitchen and you’re considering a U-shaped kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchen design

L-shaped kitchen design is one of the older forms of kitchen design, but the trend and style of L-shaped kitchen is still in high demand.

This is standard form of kitchen design which is been used long ago and it is one of the popular choice for most of the customers we have served.

This kitchen helps in making easy cleaning and preparation of foods.

As well as this type of kitchen is better for small kitchen designs.

Kitchen is simple and easy matching to any decor. For the proper L-shaped kitchen design, it should be built at the corner of two walls where one wall is twice the length of the other.

Having the dream of bring out the best L-shaped kitchen, Contact with our customer care or come visit Top Interior Designers in Bangalore, Magnon.

G-shaped Kitchen design

G-shaped kitchen is an area with four walls of storage. It is also a further expansion of U-shaped kitchen.

It also increase the cabinet space used that helps in furthermore storage space.

Popularity of G-shaped kitchen is for its vast storage area.

The optimization of kitchen floor plan in this kitchen design is likely to provide preparation, cooking and clean-up areas within an easily accessible position centrally located in the kitchen’s central area to facilitate greater cooking efficiency.

Planning for re-modelling your kitchen with a G-model kitchen, visit Top Interior Designers in Bangalore, Magnon.

These are some of the main kitchen interiors which are popular in interior designing for the best design choose the popular designs available at our website –

“Let us design with your dreams” Our experts can sketch out your dream concept of your interior design which may be even better than what you have dreamed.