Home renovation is all about changing your home for better. We all have some things in our home that we never loved. With time, a lot of stuff gets broken and damaged enough to keep in the house. A few things will go out of trend, and you start thinking that some items aren’t yet part of your home.  So, home renovation is all about changing your home the way you adore it. Every homeowner makes a few mistakes that not only hinders the productivity if the project but also prevents the house from looking like what they expected.

A lot of people make blunders like buying the wrong size furniture, hiring a wrong interior decorator or contractor, not keeping an extra budget and much more.  Since home renovation is a significantly big investment and that’s why you can’t take it for granted. You need to plan and do everything smartly. Here are some of the common mistakes that homeowners do and you must avoid.

Not Getting The Right Layout

Most of the times, the layout is the biggest problem. You take the arrangement wrong, and then appliances suffer. Cabinets got bigger, and the refrigerator can’t fit. Measure everything and get your layout designed by professional interior designers in Bangalore. All your appliances must get the right place in the kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen island looks graceful, but not every room can fit it. If there is not sufficient space between the cabinets and island, you must skip it. Go for a simple kitchen instead.

Buying The Wrong Size Furniture 

You are going to market, and you saw that beautiful sofa that goes so well with the wall colour. You are jumping on it right away but wait. Would that fit your space? Always keep the measurements if everything handy so that whenever you find something attractive, you buy the right one only.  There is one more thing that happens the most and still gets ignored. That’s the front door. Is the front door large enough to enter the oversized bed you are buying? You should keep the dimensions of the door too.

Fixing In The First Meeting Only

You went to a designer, and he/she explained you everything. You loved that and the designer set. No, that’s not how you hire one. Go for multiple meetings, and you will learn something new about your home every time. Even if the first meeting was fabulous, you need two-three more to see if you can find someone better. 
Also, don’t fall for the cheapest because you will be ignoring a lot of things then. If a designer is rude or seems unaware of what you are talking, you need to approach the next door. 

Not Making Your Contractor And Designer Meet

You trying to be the bridge between your contractor and designer and you will see data leaking. You can’t remember everything. You can never explain the way a designer will do to the contractor. So, it’s best to let them meet and decide accordingly.  If something comes to your mind, right that in a notebook and explain in the next meeting you do. Discuss everything with both of them together so that you can agree on a common and better point.

Avoiding Unexpected Expenses

You are replacing cabinets, and then you see something broken backside. Will you let that be the way it is? No, right? So, these unexpected expenses will surely leave your pocket burned only if you don’t plan.  Keep some extra budget, even if you think it will not be required, keep it. The money won’t go wasted. The home interior designers in Bangalore suggest keeping the extra amount for decor if you can’t spend much. If nothing unexpected comes, spend on decor stuff, and if something happens, skip your artefacts for a few days. 

Going Too Modern

The more modern you make your home, the less time it will stay in trend. Going too bold will not only make it too complicated, but it will also go out of trend early.  Also, if you ask for too much detailing, that will seem little to you, but the cost will be inevitably higher. Not only the designer will ask for a higher budget, the contractor, and the amount spent on the material will also increase. 

Opting For Hardwood Flooring 

The luxury interior designers in Bangalore suggest opting for hardwood flooring only if there are only elders in the home. Even if the house is too populated, hardwood flooring will not work. If you have pets and kids at home, it’s a big no.
The reason is hardwood flooring is too delicate. It will tear down with rough treatment, and that would make you replace the flooring faster.  You can go for laminate flooring instead. It’s not only durable but also requires less maintenance. Laminate flooring comes in a variety of designs and colour, and that’s the best part.

Skipping Extra Material

Why should I buy 20% extra material when it’s not even required? The first thing is what if something gets broken in the process? And you don’t find the similar content again?  You can’t use something in a part of home just because the flooring was not enough.  The second thing that makes it reasonable to buy extra is you can return unopened boxes. Shop owner refund amount for I opened boxes so that you don’t have to worry about the material being lying in your home unnecessarily. 
A few pieces left with you will help repair anything that damages afterwards. You don’t know the future, right?