Going with the crowd isn’t cool but staying the same for a long time is also boring. We all update our wardrobe with new clothes as the time goes then why not home? The top home interior designs of this year are crazy enough to keep your home trendy for years. If you are thinking about making any changes in the interior decoration of your, this is something really useful for you. Here are Top Home Interior Designers in Bangalore one among them is the Magnon Interior Designers.

Top Home Interior Designers in Bangalore.

Spa bathrooms

Many of us find the bathroom as the most relaxing place and a spa bathroom can make you feel the things from the core. The large Jacuzzi baths and tiles of vibrant colors will make your bathroom elegant and most peaceful place for you.

Leather and velvet

Velvet and leather are the new trends in texture this year. Statement and soft furnishing will be done best with these two. All colors are in the trend and the world is walking beyond the all-time favorite pink color. Decorate your bedrooms and the furniture with this new trend in the New Year.


Things become boring with time but after some time they become trendy again if there is something awesome about them. The colorful floor tiles never stay out of fashion for a long time and this year you can expect some affordable one to decorate your floors.


Experimenting with the ceiling is not something new and this year statement ceilings will be back. Keep the boring color of walls aside and choose what will make your ceiling attractive? Decoration, paintings, wallpapers or tiles but make sure it steals complete attention from other things in the room.

Dark woods

Looking for something different to experiment this year? Trying to step out of bleached woods and the normal boring furniture?  Dark woods can be the best thing to stop your search. Methagony, dark oak and textured walnut pieces are helping us to go bolder to make the interior of room amazing. Take a simple step and add charm to your room.


Why to think only of the inside of your doors, the impression must start from the door only. Simple, classy, and colorful doors are the hottest trend of 2018. Choose to add message mat or paint with neon hues to the beautifully framed doors, making the doors different from all other things will steal the attention for sure.


We all love the metallic look in our bedrooms and this is what the new trends are teaching us. Skip the traditional rose or gold and catch some new shaded this time. Different shades of blue have different impressions and the royal one is what gives a royal touch to your room with some golden sprinkled over it. We are not becoming boring but we are stepping towards simplicity and that’s why whether you choose brass or nickel, the ones with a bit little shine can deliver perfect vibes.