Roadmap to art deco interior design style

The Top best Interior designers Yelahanka term it as something bold, edgy and beautiful. In Europe and America, art deco designing for the interior was trendy in mid of 1920 and 1930. With Art Deco, all the areas became more elegant and charming. It is a form of architecture and fashion. The Art Deco design was all about making big statements and bold geometric designs with hard angles.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

Art Deco is now experiencing resurgence. Do you know that Art Deco also survived in the 40s and 50s? Art Deco style is a powerful and visual design movement which first emerged in France before World War I. If you love the reordering of Art Deco then you are not alone, many people around you like to have this trend in their homes. Art Deco also uses a large amount of gold, silver, and copper. Furthermore, steel and a variety of expensive materials indicate wealth, and that’s also an integral part of art deco.

Characteristics of Art Deco

The look of Art Deco is so sharp that there is no blurriness and romance at all. It includes linear decorations with hard angles. Exotic materials, meals, and angular forms are used most to bring this style.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

Materials required

There is an extensive list of materials which falls under the Art Deco trend, such as glass, stainless steel, mirror, chrome, lacquer, inlaid wood, and exotic skins like shark and zebra. In spite of this, there are many expensive materials which are only used when the budget is higher. Some such materials include marbles, ebony, and some rare wood.


The Art Deco design has many themes, and all are so good that following even one of those will do wonders. Here is a list of some of the patterns most followed by interior designers.

  • Nudes
  • Trapezium shapes
  • Stylised animals
  • Leaves, branches, and feathers
  • Sunbursts
  • Zigzags

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

Decorate Your Home With Art Deco

If you too have an interest in designing your house according to the Art Deco but don’t know what to do, don’t worry. Believe us; it’s effortless; you have to follow some simple tips and design yourself if spending on a designer is not in your budget. However, professional designers always bring the best to your space.


  • First of all, you need some bright and deep colours like yellow, red, green, and pink mixed with some silver, black, and chrome. The colours of Art Deco should be striking and bold.
  • If you don’t like much stronger colours, you can use some light colours like cream and beige shades which can often be used in bedrooms and dining rooms and to make high contrast with the wood and lacquered materials.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka


  • Art Deco furniture is assumed to be of enormous size. You can buy Almirahs and cabinet and large-sized chairs and tables.
  • Use furniture made of woods like zebrawood, with chrome and mirror pieces. Also, try to use strong, streamlined shapes with no frills. You don’t need to go overboard with creativity; art deco has never been minimalistic.


  • Do not use fabrics which contains floral patterns and some light designs. You should make sure that all designs are based on solid geometrical shapes with lines and trapezoidal and other shapes. Florals add romance, and art deco has nothing to do with it.
  • You can use solid contrasting colours in the form of blocks on cushions. Always try to remember “bold” because this is the only word that defines this trend best.


  • You can choose floor tiles having designs of solid geometry with dark and contrasting colours. The designs you choose must be geometric and smart. Never go for nature inspired designs.
  • Dark coloured rugs can also be used for floors without any doubt. Be sure of the prints on rugs too.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

The lightning

You can use lights made of glass and chrome which can be hung on walls across the room and Hall. If you don’t have any problem with second-hand things, you can buy them from someone willing to sell, or these can also be purchased from any store. The best interior designers favour hanging lights over fixed ones. How about a chandelier that defines your theme?

Choose Art Deco From Metropolitan Areas

You can choose your Art Deco design from your favourite city and structures; you can simply copy them from there and follow their pattern. The top interior designers in Bangalore can definitely help you with this.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

Selection Of Decor

You should choose the right things which resemble Art Deco. Be careful and try to create chaos, never make everything smooth in design that seems to be perfect.

Use Animals Prints

You can also use some of your bedsheets and sofa with designs of animals fur, which gives your home an elegant look and matches the Art Deco.

Ceiling Designs

You should pay extra attention to the design of ceilings, it should be noted that the design of the roof should not be plane; it should be improper design. Another more important thing to remember is, you should use colours like cream or coffee.

Top best Interior designers Yelahanka

Add Art Deco Accessories

You can add some Art Deco accessories create the real feel. Art Deco accessories are readily available on antics shops and stores.

The Art Deco accessories are also available online at a moderate rate. You can also check there and own them by ordering online. Metallic artwork is the best choices for art deco.

Sunburst Design

You can choose sunburst prints on walls and at your curtains to give a very compelling look, that’s attractive to eyes. Also, there are many paintings and other artistic things which embody sunburst designs. You will be glad to hear that these patterns are used most of the times by famous artists and since you are doing this trend now, you have got a great chance to do something that is trendy and lovely.

High Contrast Finishing

You can use a combo of some white and black colour in tiles to have a beautiful contrast. You might also be interested in colours such as blue, green, brown or any other matching dark colour and that’s perfectly fine to go.