Atthi Devo Bhava (Guest is equivalent to God). As read, a guest in India is considered to be close to God. Everything in a home, when nearing the arrival of a guest if seen closely is perfect. Blind shades to flower vases, each and every aspect seems to look just right in its place. The Kitchen, that looked ever so close to be being called a lab, seems to shine bright like a diamond. Bedrooms, whether the master bedroom or the kids room, surprisingly go on to look well lit and very clean. The dinning table, usually loaded with appliances, used glasses and plates. Now seems to fit in perfectly into the decor. All in all, a junkyard other-ways on the arrival of a guest so flawlessly transforms into a well-deigned home. Simply to honour the presence of the individual at that very point in time. 

The pity in the matter, is that we end up doing the same even when we build in a guest room. The only time we, even consider it is when we realise the space it occupies in a floor plan. The reasons for this happening, was, can or may be many. We at Magnon India, believe every room in a home, brings out a special aura. Hence we strive, to help our clients in choosing the best home decor for their homes. With the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore, no home would look unworthy of appreciation. 

As a testament to the same, listed below are a few tips to consider while building a Guest Room

Design it to look Simple and Elegant

A Guest room, can be used as a canvas of creativity. You can experiment, with anything Wall Decor to Furniture. Blind shades to dark scales, anything you think that can look good can be tried and tested. All you need to keep in mind is to keep it simple and elegant. Guest room being the least room, in the house requires lower maintenance comparatively. Which gives you, all the more freedom to add a pinch of fun and excitement. 

So what would, a Simple and Elegant Guest room look like you ask? 

Second, to what is shown in the image a living room needn’t look Luxurious or Royal. How different, are you when compared to hotel room then? Try to keep it simple as much as possible. Keep the decor elegant and to the point. The lighting needs to be more functional and not just stylish. The rays of light, should reach every nook and corner of the room. Decor in term of wardrobes, side tables and such can be minimalistic. Flooring, in this case should be just right. It should blend in seamlessly with the Wall decor and furniture. Yet make sure, you don’t over do it or the room may end up looking out of place. 

Make it a home away from home 

The last feeling, you’d want to leave your guest with is home sickness. There is no coming back from then on. Nothing you do can make them feel better, than just letting them leave. The easiest way to alienate this situation, is to put yourself in their shoes. What would you want if you were to stay at a friend’s or colleagues house? Clean sheets, a soothing ambience and a Clean bathroom. Even if not fancy, yet a few artefacts and antiques could add a well deserved cemetery to the room. 

A bird’s eye view of a guest room that feels like home 

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As shown in the image, it would be wise to just stick to the basics and not try to build a castle you wouldn’t expect to see yourself in. Keep those sheets clean, keep the lighting ambient or mood whichever feasible. Get the bathroom acid washed or simply just washed. Try not to keep it too fancy with the artefacts and antiques as mentioned before and you should be able to do justice to the room. 

Empower them don’t force entertain them 

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If you guest is not a fan of Bollywood, Tollywood or Sandalwood movies. Don’t force them to enjoy the tales of the movies you sleep yourself to. Empower them with a TV and any other source of entertainment you’d want them to have. Always remember , you don’t need to impress a guest , you just need to empower them with whatever they feel can make them feel at home.  All these three points by and large, if taken into the list while building a guest room; can make the room look more genuine, simple and state of the art if intended. Use the layout of the room , to its advantage and design the decor to fit in seamlessly.

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