Colours bringing joy to our black-and-white life. Everything around looks cheerful and interesting when painted in different and contrasting colours. Just like how music influences the mood of people, changes in the Indians similarly colours can directly affect your mood and behaviour. In your house, as a part of the interior designing element, you can use plenty of colours to signify life and joy. W. Kandinsky once said colour is a power that directly influences the soul and hence here we are to help you incorporate colours in your interior design.

It can affect people’s emotions and mood, for example, yellow brings in happiness, red symbolizes love, blue brings in calmness, Black symbolizes dominance and white shows serenity. Colours that have different meanings that can be interpreted, let’s have a closer look as to how!

THE 60-30-10 RULE

First of all, you need to follow a simple rule of 60-30-10, as per this rule you can use three contrasting colours, by showing the domination of 60% as compared to other two colours being 30% and 10% respectively. The main colour should basically cover the walls, floor, carpets or the furniture that covers a huge area of your room. In case you want to include windows, curtains, rugs etc. can all be included. 30%, you can use a secondary colour which contrasts the main colour. It should not look out of the box, and hence it is better to contact the best interior designers in Bangalore who can help you find perfect colours for your room. The secondary colour tries to bring in-depth to your main colour; it uplifts the appearance of the prior. The last 10% is also known as the accent colour, it is generally one-sixth of the main colour and only used to highlight the above two. For instance, if you use 60% grey colour in your room, you can have 30% light blue and 10% pink.


Apart from this simple rule, you also need to focus upon the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Being very specific yellow, red, blue are primary colours. Similarly Orange, violet and green are secondary colours. Some of the most popular colour schemes used in interior designing based upon the concept of primary, secondary and tertiary colours

  • 60% green, 30% yellow-green, 10% yellow
  • 60% yellow-orange, 30% orange, 10% red Orange
  • 60% purple, 30% read purple, 10% red
  • 60% Blue-green, 30% Blue, 10% blue-purple.


Using odd numbers in design creates a fascinating and balanced décor, according to the rule of three. It’s all about employing odd numbers, which don’t have to end at three and can be employed in any design. When it comes to interior design, though, three appears to be the best number. Once you’ve decided on a color scheme for your main area, pick one color from it to use throughout your home. When going from one area to the next, you may always add various colors to the primary color. This approach will keep your home’s decor flowing and coherent without being too identical in each space. This is quite technical and might be difficult for a layman to understand and hence, we recommend you to visit the best interior designers in Bangalore, as they have a huge variety of décor Ideas.


Modular Kitchen

The term warm v. cold colors relates to the color wheel’s placement of certain colours. Warm colors are traditionally regarded to be those that are more brilliant, such as red, orange, and yellow. Neutrals like brown and tan, on the other hand, are included in the mix. Cool hues, such as blue, green, and purple, as well as grey, are on the other end of the spectrum. The spirit of the room will be affected by the choice of warm or cold hues. Warm colors are ideal for party venues because they create an optimistic and friendly atmosphere. Consider incorporating these hues into your dining room or kitchen. On the other side, cool colors are more muted. They are most effective in bedrooms and offices, where a relaxing aura is desired.


Well, before you get bored of all the technicalities let us figure out some of the most prominent colours that can be used in interior design. These could be used on the walls of any room, as they are versatile and can incorporate any color within.

  • Warm white
  • dark grey
  • pastel Green
  • Alaskan husky
  • Deep red
  • Pale orange
  • Mute green
  • Chalky blue



If you’re figuring out a perfect colour for your living room, then the colour palette troops to be a bit different as you need to make it much more appealing. The colours should uplift the decor that you have and make your living room bowled. Here are some of the most prominent colours used in the living room.

  • Family of blues –you can use different kinds of blue sheets in your living room, starting from deep blue, navy blue, light blue, sky blue, sea blue and a lot more. It basically looks very mesmerizing then complied with whites. If you want to have this royal and you need a living room, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore.
  • Yellow and pink- it is always preferred to use yellow as a dominant colour and pink can be used in furniture or so pieces, just to uplift yellow. Apart from this, you can also complement your yellow and pink look with cream as Secondary colour. To bring in a very calm effect in your room, this colour combination could be the best
  • Blue and orange-you might be wondering how weird this combination, unheard and unique is. Having domination of blue with orange shades, sofas or rugs complete this look. Especially if you have a small room with plenty of light pouring in, this colour palette could be amazing
  • The multicolor living room is a very famous theme used in most Indian houses. You can blend in every colour in your living room and make it look as much traditional as possible. Incorporating colours could either be a play of contrast or either. As recommended by one of the best luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore, a multicolored living room could be the best idea if you love colours and you can contact them as they have The best idea to incorporate colours
  • Mint green and white –if you want a very sober living room then this colour combination could be the best. Mint green could be used as the main colour along with white and blue as an accent colour.

Apart from all these shades, you can use plenty of colours that look amazing to your eyes rather than following the trends. There is nothing that can be termed as off trend especially while using colours. One can use a combination of pink, purple and grey or even blue and pink, green and blue, red and white, turquoise and raspberry, grey and yellow etc.

What you need to decide is the proportion of colours that you use rather than the colours themselves. All the colours in your room should portray life and glamour. No one would love a dull room with boring wall colours and faded decor. To know more about how colours can be incorporated into your room, reach out to the best luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore before it’s too late.