THE POWER OF BLACK INTERIORS (with some does and don’ts).

Black, is a bold colour associated with supreme power, intense fear, prolonged mystery, strength, autonomous authority, elegance, and aggression, rebellion, and sophistication too. Black is necessary for all other colours to have depth and variation of hue. This seems to be a very neutral colour, which suits everywhere. The universality of this colour prevails dominating all other colours. Moreover, using this magnificent and bold colour in your house is a very creative and unique idea. In individuals, colours trigger different moods, but although one individual may love the use of black, another may hate the very thought of it! A colour that couldn’t be overlooked is black; it is bold and expressive. When used as part of a few contrasting colour palette shades, it makes a significant style statement. Let’s have a look in the use of black predominantly in our houses, either it is it in your kitchen, bedroom, even bathrooms, or living room. Ohh, it might be difficult for you to do it yourself because the colour black needs to be balanced creatively, if not it might look absurd. For this, you would require luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore or independent house interior designers in Bangalore. If you are not a Bangalore person, you may find out the best interior designers near me on Google.



The colour black is prominently suitable for any part of the house. Starting with the bedroom, it can make your bedroom look extremely stunning. Think about having a black colour bed, with black walls, windows, black interiors and some element of golden. How does it seem to you, Weird? As per our opinion, a black room is not weird there should be a contrast in the colours that you use. Generally, you can have a whole room painted black and still make it look adorable by using a contrast colour. The reason to contrast another colour with black is to enhance the beauty of black itself. Example if you have a black wall, you can hang different paintings, quotes to make it look different. Apart from this, you can do doodling on the walls which off on white paint which would create another magnificent effect. Especially if you have a library in the living room, this sort of structure is the best. The second thing that needs to be kept in mind while contrasting is the use of the secondary colour. The secondary colour should not dominate black. What example on the wall you can have red, In a very less quantity? The colours should glorify black and not dominate it.

We need to be very precautions while we use black, it shouldn’t look negative in any perspective. All black is a hot colour; it takes in all the light. It is better not to use black curtains, as it will make your house hot. Moreover, the flooring and ceiling should not be painted black; it would make your house look smaller and visually absurd. The recommended colours to blend with black or golden, yellow, mint, green, dusky pink and red. The variety of colours is very less that goes with black, you need to be careful. At times you might need the help of interior designers, make sure that you find the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Starting with the kitchen cabinets, having black kitchen cabinets with black granite looks sophisticated and stunning. A black kitchen does not get dirty easily, it looks clean and elegant. Using black on cabinets is sometimes cost-effective; it is also easy to handle black more than any other colour. For example, if you use white in your kitchen, there are chances of it getting dirty or Dusty. You can complement your black kitchen with wooden flooring, wooden kitchen island, black chairs, black utensils and a grey wall. What is that sound interesting to you? Moreover, the use of copper with black is also a good collection for your kitchen. It can include copper handles, copper chairs, and copper plant holders with a purely black kitchen. Do not use blue or green with black, it doesn’t look good.


Coming to the living room, how about having a black sofa mounted with black and grey cushions. Generally, in the living room, it’s better not to use black everywhere, in fact, make sure that another colour dominates black in your living room. For example, you can have white brick walls, white rugs, Silver accessories and some black artistic work including hangings, show-pieces and a lot more. Your living room can also include a black cabinet, a black bookshelf or a black Arm Chair. A taupe sofa featuring a black wall is a very dramatic design when complemented with good lighting. Each piece of lighting illuminates only its specified area when the drapes are drawn, letting shadow fall in the space between.

A bedroom can have a black bed, 2 colour contrasting walls, a black wardrobe and a huge abstract painting made up of millions of colours. The colourful painting will glorify the black bedroom. Moreover, you can have yellow lights, complemented with golden artwork. Secondly, if you have quite many windows in your room, you can paint the walls black mounted with some yellow lights and compliment this with a black bed. This is a very minimalistic and simple design to paint your room black

A bathroom is a place where you can use black dominantly. If you wish, you can make the walls, the shower area; the bathroom countertops everything in black. It looks amazing and appealing. The few things like a shower, the taps add a silver effect which makes them look more satisfying. Moreover to complement this look you can have some scented candles, and black accessories. A huge mirror in this black bathroom would also look good.

It is not advised to use a bold colour in a kid’s room. A kid’s room should be as colourful as possible. Generally, a teenager’s room can be painted black but not a kid’s room.

This was all about the black interiors and do’s and don’ts. To know more about it looks for luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore or independent house interior designers in Bangalore. If you are not a Bangalore person, you may find out the best interior designers near me on Google.