The best interior designers in Bangalore, a bathroom is yet another place in the home which needs exquisite design. best interior designers in Bangalore Because it is the place where we spend a considerable amount of time privately. A relaxing bath will help us renew our energies and mood.

So the bathroom should be visually appealing, and relaxing. When designing the bathroom planning the storage space plays a very important role. A big bathroom vanity that can accommodate all your stuff will give your bathroom a clutter-free neat look. Apart from vanity small shelves and towel hangers also help to organise the things.

Simple Home Interior Design

Adding colourful vibes to these storage units will amp up the entire look and feel of the bathroom. The colours can be chosen as per the taste of your family members, or as per the look and feel you wanted to give your bathroom. Bright coloured walls and accessories will add a hint of luxury to your bathroom, whereas light colours and whites will give the fresh feel. 

For small sized bathrooms, a shower cubicle is much preferred to Bathtub. For large or master bathrooms you can opt for bathtubs. Our experts at Magnon India, being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore are specialised in designing small bathrooms, with the available small space our experts can design the bathrooms more efficiently and give them an elegant look.

When designing the bathroom another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is your familymembers needs and tastes. Elders, Children, Adults will have different needs. At magnon, we understand the needs of the family members precisely before starting with the design.

Simple Home Interior Design

Most of our customers prefer stone, mosaic or granite for the bathrooms. since these materials are very easy to maintain and also give a luxury appearance. The bathroom should also be well ventilated and allow the natural light in. This will help in keeping the bathroom fresh and clean. The natural sunlight will help the bathroom stay dry and odor free to some extent. Anyhow proper cleaning and regular

Maintenance is required to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of bathrooms. So while getting your bathroom designed it is very important to consider your needs and requirements. If you are looking to give your bathroom a new look or looking for someone who can design your new bathrooms efficiently. Talk to our interior designing experts at magnon India. The best interior designers in Bangalore.