Space saving design solutions

On the one side, in the biggest city in the world, you are living your dream.


while on the other side, where are you putting all of your things? Join furniture for space-saving. As any city slicker would testify, every square inch counts in the smallest of dwellings. Sofas, tables and even bed frames take up valuable rooms. It’s about time for double-duty pulls. Magnon India are one of the best Interior decorators in Banglore we specialize in exclusive Residential Interiors. Smart space-saving architecture concepts for small homes will save your day whether you live in an apartment or studio.


  1. Space saving Ideas for your special Bedroom

A tiny bedroom does not mean that you need to scale down your fantasies of decoration-do not be afraid to go big when it comes to fixing up the bedroom. If used properly, bright colours will act to enlarge your bedroom and make it look larger. Instead of a king size one, fit in a queen size bed and splurge on a striking headboard and set the bed up.However when it comes to Home interior designers in Bangalore Magnon India is a one stop solution for all your needs of a special bedroom. Where you put your bed often makes a difference-it can absorb all the light by placing it near a wide window to make the room look more spacious.


Using double duty chairs, closet doors that act as dressing mirrors and folding beds to make seating or a study room. To use every possible inch, get imaginative with storage and built-in drawers or boxes in the beds. Ditch side table lights for sconces by your bed, which for some bedtime reading set the perfect tone. Finally, embrace the use of mirrors that can light up your bedroom with strategically positioned mirrors.


  1. Kitchen matters a lot

If you have grand culinary dreams but a tiny kitchen, clever shelving is your mate. Next, use all the space available to create shelves. The room above your freezer, the stove, the small space between your walls and your fridge, the cabinet doors inside, all of which can be used intelligently. Open shelves or glass-door cabinets can give an open feel to your kitchen. At one of the best modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore we know the importance of healthy food as well as the importance of the place where it is cooked. It’s not only that the happiness of a man passes through his stomach but tasty food matters for women also and in addition to it open shelves or cabinets with glass doors give an open feel to ladies preparing the food. In storage, a kitchen island can be installed, expanded to seat more people and act as an extra countertop. It is possible to nestle chairs into it then take secret shelves out. Finally, to create the feeling of space in your small kitchen, use neutral colours and gentle lighting.


  1. Dining Table

There are hundreds of types of dining tables that conserve space, from extendable dining tables that can hold many people to ones that can be folded away while not in have various options at Magnon India one of the top Interior designers in Bangalore to choose from as we ensure none of your dreams should be left behind to make your home a dream home.  Drop leaf tables have additional leaves that can be inserted when you have dinner guests; when you don’t need them, these extra leaves are ‘dropped’ off.In order to match the chairs and benches, tables may also be built, leaving empty space around them. A lightweight and insightful approach is a round dining table with chairs that slide inside. So are tables that can be nestled in with bench seats. Your table’s form also creates a distinction; a round table means that there are no sharp corners that waste space. So if you are searching for Interior designers near me come and visit Magnon India to get the best.


  1. Wardrobe- the beauty of your home

Via certain intelligent design decisions, small and crowded spaces can be easily used for wardrobes. Corner wardrobes and sloped wardrobes may be custom-designed to fit under stairs and under sloping roofs in uncomfortable spaces. Since Magnon India is one of the best Interior designers in Bangalore we have a highly qualified team to suggest you the ideas to make your wardrobe the real beauty and point of attraction. For small spaces that do not afford you the comfort of swinging doors, sliding doors are a boon. Door surfaces that are mirrored and lacquered reflect backlight and make your bedroom look huge. In comparison, who says wardrobes really require doors? Dispense with doors entirely for a free and breezy look.


  1. Space saving study table

For you to brave traffic and noise to get into work, a cramped apartment and minimal space to work should not be an excuse. Using our space-saving templates instead and run in the warmth of your own research. Magnon India one of the top Interior designers in Bangalore believes in the fact that “ padhega India tabhi to badhega India”. Installing a floating desk in a peaceful corner of your house is one of the easiest ways to build a home review. To install a triangular corner desk, use the capacity of an empty corner in your tiny apartment. A fold out desk that virtually blends into the wall while not in service may even be bought or commissioned. Finally, a wall-mounted desk can be built with storage into a wall unit so that when desired, it can fold down to become a bed.


  1. Storage ideas for small apartments

You may be cramped for space, but you do not need to be cramped for storage or for style by making the most of every inch of the area. The room under your staircase or next to the wall of a staircase? Building capital in drawers, sloping wardrobes or racks. The region in the kitchen underneath your cabinets? May easily double up as large flat drawers handy for the large saucepans and those extra lids to be packed away.The gap in your kitchen above your sink, the washing machine in the utility section, and the bathroom water closet? Installing portable shelves to use these zones would otherwise be unused. Such terms that produce storage basically from thin air include box beds or beds with drawers, ottomans with storage and a storage box with seating at the base of the bed headboards with storage.


 To know more about the quality service that we provide contact team of top interior decorators in Banglore Magnon India and if you are an interested customer living beyond the area of offices of Magnon India search Interior Designers near me to know more about us.