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Vastu for kitchen is one of the essential part of Interior of a House as well as it play a huge part in kitchen too, as the kitchen is all about “Flame” element. I am certain you definitely realize that fire, in controlled condition, is useful, yet on the off chance that the fire goes out of hand; it crushes everything and anything in its way. Above proclamation remains constant for the two sorts of flame – real flame and symbolic flame. Getting befuddled? Simply read on this blog and everything will sound good to you in a minute.

As real flame changes uncooked or raw eatables into consumable one, in similar way, symbolic flame gives warmth to your physical body and wants to your spiritual self for everything throughout everyday life.

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Try to imagine, what might occur if symbolic flame inside you passed on? You begin to lose trust throughout everyday life; all the “burning desires” arrive at end; your body ends up cold. Then again, what might occur if a similar flame – symbolic one – leaves control? You begin to suffer medically, the “burning desires” will make you rationally debilitated and you begin to lose your position, regard and nobility in the public eye. So, let us see what reason is it essential to have kitchen according to vastu shastra?

As actual fire transforms uncooked or raw food into edible one, in the same manner, symbolic fire provides heat to your physical body and desires to your spiritual self for everything in life. Imagine, what would happen if symbolic fire within you died? You start to lose hope in life; all the “burning desires” come to end; your body becomes cold.

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On the other hand, what would happen if the same fire – symbolic one – goes out of control? You start to suffer medically, the “burning desires” will make you mentally sick and you start to lose your position, respect and dignity in society. Now, you see, why is it important to have kitchen as per vastu shastra?

Vastu for Kitchen – What is it?

To influence you to know  “vastu for kitchen” betterly, I need you to consider the words “vastu” and “kitchen” independently and after that I will consolidate the two terms with the goal that term “vastu for kitchen” moves toward becoming more clear to you.

Vastu: You may definitely realize that Vastu Shastra is an old Indian exploration of adjusting energies in and around a spot.

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Kitchen: Kitchen is the place where we prepare healthy and nutritious food. Kitchen is the spot of change – on the grounds that it’s in the kitchen where all the raw and uncooked food is changed into yummy suppers. Similarly food at that point gives “vitality” to your family. I need you to give extraordinary consideration to “vitality” here. The vitality that you get by expending the nourishment is certain one – that is the reason it makes you feel better, glad and contented. What might occur if similar nourishment begins to impart negative vitality in you? Need to know how this can occur? Simply read on.

Presently, imagine – due to vastu imperfection, which is imbalance in vitality – your kitchen begins to radiate negative vitality rather that positive ones.

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We know that everything in the world is in form of energy. Also we have explained to you before that a controlled flame is useful for example it is certain vitality as for you and uncontrolled flame is disastrous for example negative vitality.

What occurs straightaway? The negative vitality begins to influence you physically and rationally. You begin to feel the negative effects on your body and psyche. Clearly, you lose your wellbeing; with degrading wellbeing you don’t stand an opportunity to deal with your everyday work; you begin to wind up baffled and this repercussions rundown can continue endlessly and on. It is thusly critical for you to make your kitchen according to rules and guidelines of vastu shastra with the goal that the kitchen produces and upgrades positive vitality, stifling – and notwithstanding disposing of – negative ones.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

What You Must Avoid:

  • Avoid kitchen that is facing below or above pooja room.
  • Do not have kitchen facing below or above toilets.
  • Avoid kitchen facing below or above room.
  • Do not put cooking gas burner or stove facing in front of kitchen’s passageway entryway.
  • Do not have primary entryway of kitchen in any corners; place it in East, North or West divider.
  • A kitchen in North-East causes mental pressure among relatives and they endure incredible misfortunes. This is a typical vastu imperfection, if – in your home – the kitchen is in the North-East corner.
  • Kitchen in South-West prompts conflicts among relatives.
  • A kitchen in North-West heading is satisfactory yet it prompts increment in money related use.
  • Never face west while cooking as this prompts serious health issues to the cook.

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  • Most unsafe kitchen is the one put North way; as North is Lord Kubera’s (the God of Wealth) course, having kitchen in North will expand use of family past desires and control.
  • If – while cooking – the cook faces south at that point family needs to confront monetary losses.
  • Avoid dark shading for kitchen divider and ground surface.
  • Avoid keeping cooler in North-East heading.

What You Must Do:

  • Place kitchen in East and South-East corner.
  • Put cooking gas burner or stove in South-East corner of kitchen, ensure that it is a couple of inches from divider.
  • Provide “L” molded stage, beside the kitchen’s fundamental stage, close South divider and utilize this stage for keeping and working microwaves, blender/processor and so forth.
  • Use North-East to set up wash-bowl or sink in the kitchen.
  • Use North-East or North side to continue drinking water and utensils for drinking water.
  • Keep grain boxes, beats, different flavors, salt and so on in South or West bearing.
  • Have two windows/holes in East and West dividers of kitchen and spot a fumes fan in any of the windows/holes.
  • You can alternatively put a feasting table in North-West or West side of kitchen.
  • Keep light weight things in East or North in kitchen.

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  • Build mezzanine floor in West or South of kitchen.
  • The cook should dependably look towards East while cooking; this guarantees great soundness of relatives.
  • Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as floor and divider shades of kitchen.
  • You can put a fridge in South-East, South, West or North course of Kitchen. On the off chance that the cooler is in South-West bearing, at that point place it a foot far from divider else it will frequently escape request.
  • Give consecrated offering to flame of the main thing you plan in kitchen to ensure harmony and success.
  • Clean kitchen, kitchen stage and utensils every day during the evening before resting.