Well said rightly said size matters, a flat screen 44 inch TV is any day better than a 28 inch TV period. When certainly, the argument wouldn’t get any better. If we were only think in one line. Creativity is a virtue, not a skill that can be acquired by pursuing a course. Although, in most cases, creativity simply means an attempt to recreate the wheel. It can also, simply mean an opportunity to let the best do the rest for you.

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Moving on,  to the topic of discussion,  if size does matter, is a big pocket the only way to reach your goal or is there is a possibly of the small being presented differently to look close or big in some cases. Well, now that we have got the deep into the discussion, we are sure you as readers and future clients and customers hopefully, wouldn’t mind going a little further down the line.

Can something small be presented to look big? or bigger ?

Although, physically speaking it can never be taken or seen to be possible. However, visually anything is possible, besides possibilities brighten itself, when you work with the best of the best.

Well, if there are eyes dozing off at this point in time. Due to the sheer depth, of all the details being discussed, or just because of the fact that this discussion may be a little boring. Then we guess, it’s time we move into the heart or rather the larger part of the flesh in the matter.

So, what is the way out?

Can creativity break beyond the norms nailed in by the value of money?  

In most cases, this question can be answered in many ways. To an extent, where there could be sides taken to support one school of thought each. However, as an interior design firm in Bangalore, we feel it is only fair, if we look at it from different angles.

Answer 1 – The Psychology of Colors

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While this method, to most may not be new, it certainly does the job in many, if not most cases. Colors, with the help of their multiple shades is widely known, to create multiple vibes, when used rightly. For example, white is known to make any given room look soothing and welcoming. While black on the other hand, makes the same room look, dull and shady. If blue, is used on the other hand, the same room would look bright. While green on the other hand would make it look lush and fresh. In this case, if one uses the right color, any small room can be made to look a lot bigger then it actually is.

Answer 2Effective Space Management

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As they say, “Everything has a place”, whether it may be in the case of use able or decorative materials. Although, they may not be maintained as they were built to be. However, it is important everything literally has a given place at home. Furniture, utensils, coffee table  couches. Plan it well, or let us do the panning for you, you can either do the try and test method, or simply let the best interior designers in Bangalore, do their job at ease. The chances of any room, looking smaller than it already is or it looking oddly bigger, seamlessly can be taken off the table with us.

Answer 3 – Know what you Need and what you Want 

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Well, although this being said may sound rather simple and obvious. This may not, be the same in our day to day lives. When, monthly sales and festival offers decide what we need and what we don’t.  It is important that we consumers, build a stance to say no. It surely is stupid, to stack your house/room with all the shoes, jackets, denim (jeans, shirts …) or even watches. The case, pretty much is the same with it comes to daily useable items and food.A 50% off sale, doesn’t mean you buy all the fruits you can get your hands on. Play with in your boundaries, know how much you can house.

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