It is said, incorporated and all we can do is to follow it. We need to stay home for the next fourteen days or so. We like it or not, somethings in life are meant to be understood then debated on. While we can wine about it for days, and stay unhappy round the clock. It would be a smart move, simply to just lookout for things that make us more productive. 

A skill is something you either own or learn. What could be a better time to learn a skill than now? 

When the clocks keep ticking away, the only thing you can do is to use it wisely. Listed below are some of the skills you can build on or learn, whilst wisely staying behind the walls of your home. 


While some of us may behave in us to write a few lines without much help. Some of us need to learn the art enough to call it a skill. What better time could there be, to add this skill to our bag of tricks. Start with a few lines and when time strikes your way write yourself a novel maybe. Own this skill, it sure will take you a long way. 


Do you find yourself complaining constantly about the menu at home? Simply just decide to cook your own meal. Just like writing, it is a skill that can help you survive through the worst of days. The magic a well-made meal can do to your boring day is unimaginable in a fair sense. 

Money Management 

You may not want to but, the madness sure will drive you to bankruptcy. While it is not surprising, that you may use all the money you have to make the boredom go away for even a bit. It is at this point in time when you need to learn how to manage and save all the money you can for the future. Learn it and you may end up on the list of billionaires someday. 


The world sure has taken a liking to beings bearding on this side of the skill meter. Comedy, as they say, maybe inbuilt in all of us. All we need to do is explore enough to find it. While the world is losing its head, at this point in time. A belly laugh is always welcome in the room. Although you may need to know when to let it out. There may certainly be no harm in testing the water on this one. 


At this point in time when humans, are considered a threat to their own species. It wouldn’t harm, to give some love to some plants. In fact, it would certainly only make you feel better about yourself and the situation we find ourselves in. Grow them, groom them, water them, and witness the growth of a beautiful plant on the soil you laid in. 

There certainly are a lot of skills in and around our lives we want to learn again. Some of us wouldn’t need this time to do so, yet it may come as a surprise that a lot of us need this time to find ourselves and the skills we need, want and desire to own someday. Let’s take a few minutes out to just simply do whatever we were, are and maybe will always be scared of doing. A chance wasted is a life experience unlived. When the clock comes ticking on us in the end, let us not die unhappy. 

While it may be difficult for us to get adjusted to today’s and the uncertain tomorrow. All we can do is to explore ourselves to a point when we know we are strong enough to face the unknown. 

Learn a skill today and make yourself proud while you stand in front of your future.