Neele neele ambar par chaand jab aaye
Pyaar barsaaye humko tarsaaye
Aisa koi saathi ho aisa koi premi ho
Pyaas dil ki bujha jay.

The décor, at home, should not only make you feel at home. But should make you live in the moment as well. Songs such as “Neele Neela Ambar par.”, not only set the aura for the times they lived in. Better yet, also lived beyond it seamlessly. Even today, these songs send us walking back the memory lane. The décor, in those times too went on to make a great impact on the lifestyles of people who lived then. Gramophones to Grandfather clocks, Rocking chairs to today’s rolling office chairs. The Modular Furniture, considered antique today, was what we call “daily use furniture” today. In short, today’s history was yesterday’s history in the making. Nothing too fancy, neither too simple for its liking. Emotional connections somehow went on to be made with meaningless pieces of décor.

In fact, even today years and years later, certain pieces of décor have a back story that somehow seems to be very unreasonable. Given, the way life is lived, as if there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. Everything has a shelf life decor to relationships. We have no attachment to anything or anyone crawling, walking or pieces of wood or leather we sit, sleep or rest on.

As the wind of trend blows, we keep picking elements of change it spreads on its way. Yet, the matter seems to take the bigger route, if we were to talk about how can we design our home to look effortlessly timeless. We sure, the obvious question before moving any further would be to understand if it could be done? Although they say “beauty lies in the beholders’ eyes”, there are few aspects that in interior design that race ahead of beauty and its merits.

The answer to the question in that viewpoint would be “Yes”. Let’s,  move on to answering the question “How”, that would certainly fall behind after.

How can we design our home to look effortlessly timeless?

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Use neutral shades while choosing your Wall Decor

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Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, although these colours may seem to be the best/obvious options while deciding to build your home to be bright and welcoming. The shelf life, in this case, is no more than 4-5 years. The chandeliers and fancy lighting, you use to complement their shade, unfortunately, reach their peak sooner or later. Neutral colours, such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white help your walls stay timeless. Due to its, warm shade and fit in anywhere composition.

Light your rooms don’t keep it lit all day all night

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Fancy lights, false ceilings and such look timeless in Bars, Pubs, and Cafes for a reason, they are found in very low numbers and standout of the rest of the lighting in any given room. Less can, at times can pan out to more in some cases. Every room has an aura, and it is important that the lighting in the room defines the aura it is known for. Lighting that would fit in with the interior design of a modular kitchen, needn’t always blend in well with the décor and design built in the living room in the same house.

Furniture chosen shouldn’t have an expiring shelf life

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Gramophones to Grandfather clocks, Rocking chairs to today’s rolling office chairs, as discussed earlier have flown and flown to generations well beyond their time.  In this case, the most important ingredient to make your home timeless would be to choose furniture that mirrors the culture and heritage of your home. For example, a classic wooden rocking chair would fit in perfectly with the design and décor in a living room of a south Indian home. Although, it can be argued to look good in the living room of any home. However, a piece of décor when placed in the right home looks timeless to all generations and generations to come.

Have it only if you really need it or don’t have it

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Although, this may be in the case the argument we can have for everything we own, buy or plan to own in the future. The discussion here is about storage space, in the case of Modular Kitchen, wardrobes and other extra storage spaces in a home. We live in a world, where we believe “it is better to have it and not need and then not have it”.  Even though, this line of thought can hold good for many things in life. It may not be the same when it comes to justifying unnecessary storage spaces. While building, the design of the interiors at home, you would need to make you don’t add too many storage spaces. Try to keep any given room spacious and welcoming

Although, the list can go on and on it is important to understand the importance of these points. 4 or 5, whatever may the count until now. If you, just blindly follow this list, you would neither be able to achieve the goal of making your home look timeless, yet indeed would end up making it look very told and uninteresting.

The goal here is to not only help make your home look timeless. Better yet, indeed your thought process and décor choices as well. Remember, no dream home is built to look perfect. Perfection is just another word that can be interpreted and defined in different ways by different individuals.

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