No place is or no place big, it’s just the way you present it to be. On one hand, while dark colours and big furniture can make a 2000 sqft home to look a lot lesser. A one-bedroom, the house can also be made to look a lot bigger than what he eyes takes it to be. It all in the way your interior designer plans your house in terms of the furniture, wall decor, flooring and such. While as mentioned before dark colours make any given room look smaller. On the other hand, neutral colours make any given room look a lot bigger. 

Furthermore, even the lighting in a room adds to its look and feel. No doubt the bigger space, the opportunities to design your walls, flooring and such is a lot more comparatively. Yet, nothing can be perceived based on the viewpoint. As a testament to the same statement, we have listed some points that can be taken into consideration while designing the interiors of your new small house. 

Read on, let’s explore them and by the end of this article you’d maybe find a few designs that would fit the liking of every home buyer. While there may be many additions to this list, please note these are points listed by the best interior designers in Bangalore on our team. All these points, are easily applicable and are very easily affordable. Without further adieu, let’s go on to every point in detail. 

Know what you want 

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While this point may come off as important without being said out loud. It is certainly important for every home buyer to know what they want as a part of their home and what they don’t. While it was said out so easily, one’s liking in many cases doesn’t stay the same thought their life. While blue may have been your favourite colour for a wardrobe in your room at 17 or 18, it may not be the same when your 30. There certainly isn’t, an issue if your liking stays constant all your life. 

Yet if it does change and if you find yourself, wanting to explore any part of your liking in terms of interior design, feel free to log on to and also mail into reachus@localhost. Our interior designers in Bangalore would be more than happy to help you on the same. So know what you want or let us help you find your liking through the help of our designs. 

Little is always better than more 

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As commonly said, “too much of anything is too bad”. It certainly couldn’t be any different when it comes to designing your home. While fancy lighting and false ceilings may be the best option to make your house look a lot brighter than usual. It wouldn’t be advisable to have too much of the same under one roof. You need to find the right balance between what you need and what you desire. Whilst, also keeping in mind the area of your home. 

When it comes to what kind of lighting you can use for a one-bedroom home. Nothing better than CFL lamps can do the job for you. These lamps certainly, light up any given room and have a very long shelf-life. So on and so forth there are certain, options that can be considered in terms of flooring, wall decor and such in terms of what could be perfect for your small yet cosy home. 

Play your cards right with the antiques 

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What could be better than the addition of an antique to the decor of your home? Yet there are a few antique pieces that would fit perfectly into the design of your home. There may be some that just outright look out of space. There certainly is nothing that can be done to make it fit in. The only option would be to look for more options or find relatives of the same design. 

Let’s say there is an antique painting you fell in love with, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in with the design of your small home. Look for other paintings of the same artist and see if there is something else you can find your eyes. There certainly would be something that can be chosen in place. 

Keep it simple keep it real 

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While every one of us is blessed with the power to choose what we like and what we don’t. It is only obvious of us to choose wrong sometimes. Hence it is advisable to stay to the basics when it comes to choosing what you need to add as a part of your design. Whilst keeping in mind the realism of the aura in a room. 

In many cases, the design elements may be seen to be very extensive. While on the other hand it could have been kept some and real. If you want to keep your home decor to look timeless, stick to basic wall decor, flooring and such options while designing the plan of the home decor of your home. 

Choose more Build-ins 

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Although they are a well-known design hack across the table. This option can be very efficient when it comes to the design palette of a small house. Built-in appliances whilst keeping the design of the decor in any room clean and elegant. It also does a fair bit of space management s well. Built-in wardrobes today have made themselves a space in bedroom decor spectrum. Built-in appliances, on the other hand, are very well accepted in modular kitchen designs today. Task lights and ceiling lighting also is very coolly used to increase the reach of the light in every given room today. 

All these points and many other points also can help make your small home look a lot bigger then it is. If the information we gave came out too abruptly incomplete or even simply unconvincing. Please log on to and also mail into reachus@localhost to know more and to explore more such points.