In India preserving heritage and culture is an ancient process. We have plenty of cultures and traditions to follow with different languages and fashion trends because of this amazing diversity. People always show interest in ancient architecture, royal houses, palaces etc. We are always obsessed with some of the most beautiful architectural pieces that have been a very prominent part of history. What if we say that you can bring this to your house, by just making few changes?

First of all, be very genuine with colours. If you want to bring in a rich and royal look, get in vibrant colours with various shades. You can comply with these colours with all the tones including yellow, brown, and orange, golden, copper. To be very specific, you can use fluorescent pink, sky blue and green to complement your dominant colour. It is preferred to go for a light colour theme where you use neutral as a base along with plenty of colours in accessories and furniture

Try to use solid wood furniture, as it takes you back to the 1900s. It might definitely make you feel nostalgic, the designs, the Jaalis in the chairs etc. not only this, the curved legs of the table along with the use of metal and ivory is just mind-blowing.

You can also think about carvings and Inlays which will bring a traditional appeal to your house. All of this can be complemented with wooden furniture, hair loom furniture and another rustic decor. It is not only about the aesthetics’, your accessories and furniture should be functional and easy to use.

If you want to bring in the old traditional and royal appearance into your modern style house, try to have informal spaces in your house for family gatherings. Informal spaces can be worse than the tile, with a Little Mess. You can have a sofa, a storm, a coffee table, lines, a small jhoola and a lot more. Apart from this, to add warmth you can even have rugs, floor seating arrangement etc.

There are many artefacts to pick from to decorate your home because India has such a huge and exciting range of handicrafts.  Masks, clay pottery, diyas, leather puppets, crockery, and decorative boxes made of sandalwood, brass, or marble are all common choices. Brass lamps and pots may also be used as practical metallic accents.

You can use various retro patterns in soft fabrics to glorify the look. Try using old, traditional and rustic prints or even block prints. If you have bed sheets or a quilt with such prints, would be the best. Moreover, there are plenty of fabrics like ikat, dabu, which can be used for making upholstery or cushion covers.

Your house must have a peaceful puja room, which tends to be one of the most serene places. You should typically use marble or granite, which forms to be a very traditional feature of Indian Pooja Rooms.

If we speak about walls, you can have plenty of artistic work in the wall. As we know India is home to plenty of art forms. Starting from Madhubani to Worli painting, Miniature Paintings, Gond, Kalamkari, Tanjore, Kalighat Paintings and a lot more. You can have all these prints on your walls in form of wallpaper or can also get them painted.

Focus upon Outdoor spaces with Plenty of greenery. You can add some basic furniture including wooden stools and a pair of question to support your look. Apart from this, there are plenty of patio designs that you can go through. In case you have a small balcony you can have a wooden chair, your small potted plants and that’s it.

Children are Joyous, cheerful, and naughty beings. As a result, you need to choose colours that resemble these characters. Experiment with as many colours, paintings, and textures as you can. And, since children’s preferences change over time, we suggest sticking too quickly replaceable things in the room. An Aztec handicraft printed rug, jute blinds, or block printed curtains are all representations of this. You may also get paisley wallpaper or change the sheets with Jaipur prints regularly.

You can try to add some folk prints, geometric designs and patterns in your bathroom. Try focusing upon a single bold tone, complemented with muted colours. Apart from this, you can use wooden vanity to keep your essentials. You can have lots of patchwork in your house, to bring in the dominance of the old golden era. These soft furnishings are available in a variety of colours, and when stitched together, they create exclusive and fashionable patterns. Carpets, pillow covers, and tapestries are all common examples of patchwork.

Teak is used in Chettinad furniture, and the chairs are intricately woven with a cane. Teak wood is very durable and is suitable for tropical climates. As a result, teak wood from old mansions is repurposed as furniture. Brass accents, such as the swing’s handles, brass floor lamps, and hanging lamps, contribute much more to the appeal of this furniture.

You can have various sacred plants at your home, just to gain some blessings all day long. These plants can be basil Or any other plan that you pray for. Though this has a sentimental value it also brings in a refreshing vibe.

Apart from all these, you can customise your house as per your needs and choices. Like for example if you are a music lover, you can have soft old music going on in your home. Similarly, if you like having an affair or some old piece of furniture, you can get that also. There is no limitation; you can also make your house a blend of traditional and modern decor and design

This was all about having a house designed in a historic royal Indian manner. It is not at all difficult, you just need to with minor changes and you have it all. Most of these changes do not require you to spend a lot. In case, something you find costly, check out the flea markets. You get good quality items, especially antique artefacts at lower prices. If you want to know more about how you can make your house look royal and historic at the same time, reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore