Bookshelves are one of the floating parts of your home that not only look elegant but also make your room feel complete. Whether you have a mini library or single bookshelf in the drawing room, the best of these pieces reflects when you add some stylish efforts. We continuously experiment bookshelf decoration ideas and the way they turn out is highly impressive. From the size of the bookshelf to the color, the first thing you need to follow is your theme. The size and shape should be according to the theme plus the color should be complimentary. However, the size of the bookshelf will more depend on the number of books you have, but you can always have a bigger bookshelf to add some extra things to decorate your mini library.

Though we don’t have many options in size or shapes of bookshelves, we can always experiment with the way we decorate them. From adding accessories to arranging books in various styles, we have a lot of choices. We have seen people talking about how boring their bookshelves look and that they don’t know what to do. If you are one of those, your confusion ends here because we have collected several amazing design tips that will not only go with your decor but will also look absolutely outstanding. Here are some of the tips you can consider while designing your bookshelf.

Don’t Only Stack Books

Usually, the books are stacked as per their weight and size. Since the lightest and smallest books come on top, there are higher chances of covers waving with the wind. The cover can tear apart due to continuous waving. If you have some heavy artworks like sculptures, decorated stones, or any other showpiece, place them over the stacked books, and you will love the way it looks. If you have fewer books and a big bookshelf, put the artworks between the stacks of the books and it will appear elegant and full. For the middle part, you can use a clock, photo frame, or even a toy.

The Chic Cover Design

Some books have surprisingly beautiful covers, and you try your best to put them on display. Stack books on the two corners of your bookshelf and use the middle part for the show. Stand the single book in the middle, and you will see that the beautiful cover story of your book has added a touch of elegance to your mini library. The interior decorators list it as one of the affordable decorative options coz you invest nothing.

Let Your Accessories Speak About the Books

As a child, I always admired the biology lab. It had vessels with stickers that had names of the species inside. In interiors, we can use the idea differently. Sort out the books according to the subject matter and place an artwork with each stack that tells what’s inside. Isn’t it quite fascinating? Have some books about insects and butterflies; a butterfly-shaped sculpture will look great. Or if you love reading about the sea and sea life, seashells and starfish shaped artworks will do the job.

The Back to the School Library

Our school library had columns for each class and each type of books. The magazines on side, storybooks on other and competitive books on another side. Every part had a neatly written label that will tell us about the subject of the books stored there. You can do the same with your home library. Put books of similar interest together and mark them as per the subject. You can use simple paper cuttings to paste below of about the column or if you want to add more interest, make some DIY stickers.

Vessel It Up

How about a vessel in between the stacks of the books. Make a platform for the object with similar sized books and place a vessel or flower pot over it. If you want to make it useful for you according to the library, use a pen stand. The pen stand will not only look beautiful, but it will also make it possible for you to add more charm with the help of attractive pens, pencils, and brushes inside the pen stand.

Color the Accessories

If your home is based on a single color theme, you can disturb the continuity with fresh paint. Use a vibrant color and paint all the accessories you want to add in the same color. It will add power to your mini library.

Hang the Beauty

No room to decorate? Don’t worry. We always have choices to add the glow even if there is no space to add some artworks. Buy some simple yet beautiful frames and hang there. You can add pictures of historical characters, beautiful lakes, or everything you like. If you are a literature student, historical places and people in black-and-white shade will add a vintage effect to your library.

Your DIY Decoration

The bookshelves usually have a simple background. You can add color and design with the help of packing papers. Use beautiful paper packaging wraps to cover the background. Measure the background dimensions, cut the paper, and paste it there. It’s as simple as it sounds and you will love the beauty.

The Rainbow Library

The best interior designers have the best ideas. Our designers created a rainbow theme for the library, and that looked so amazing. If you have books in all colors as vibgyor, place them in the sequence, and it will look so elegant. If you don’t have all the colors choose two or three shades and stack the books that way. Black and red are too common and look great together.

Add Life To Your Little Space

Butterflies, a toy home, piggy bank, paint and paint brushes, wooden letters, and everything that seems lively to you would get a place in your library. This messy yet beautiful theme will do wonder once you make your mind to organize the library on a daily basis because messy things are hard to keep.