Renovation of Villa Jayanagar, Magnon Interoir designers is here to provide some instructions on – How to build a room around a Signature piece?

While flipping web pages with your espresso cup of interior design pages, have you at any point seen one regular component in every one of the photos? Or then again do you ever think about how do individuals precisely fit such huge numbers of things into one edge but look after moderation? Is it the colour tone of the room, or the size, or the style, or all the over that interests you the most?

What Is A “Signature Piece?”

Ever been out on the town when suddenly a piece of furniture or a knick knack just grabs your full attention, demanding that you purchase it immediately? It could be a bold throw pillow, a piece of art, a unique vase, a couch, even a table. Whatever it may be, you know it perfectly encapsulates your personality. That is your “signature piece.” You can use your signature piece to tie the room together, create a focal point, or even set the tone for a room.

Renovation of Villa Jayanagar

Well! This article guides you with precisely the expertise of designing your room around a signature piece. The main inquiry that you ought to consider is what is the prime thing while designing – i.e., regardless of whether you have a completely furnish your room and you need to put a signature piece in one of the corners/elevations or you have an vacant room with your signature piece and you need to plan around it. In both of the cases, the following instruction will assist you with coming to better conclusions.

Renovation of Villa Jayanagar

What is a signature piece? It could be furniture, art work, color schemes or even textures that set a style, it will be the one component to feature to perfectly convey on the correct tone of your home’s actual self. All things consider, if individuals don’t figure out your character when they stroll into your room or space, by what method will they know whether you actually live there?

Signature pieces work to make main focal points inside your home by including an ideal component of interest, complexity and even fun into a generally clean, disliked space.

Renovation of Villa Jayanagar

On the off chance that you are in a circumstance that you have to pick your very own signature piece, search for a piece that implies something to you or something valuable. It could be a work of art helping you to remember your last excursion to some beautiful place or it could be a swing directly amidst the window. Anything that interfaces with you will fit well in the space that you live in.

Do recollect that, regardless of the size, you can utilize more than one signature piece in your room. Setting them quietly at a suitable place is the master key to the interior design. However, care ought to be taken that you don’t distract the watchers from both of them.

Renovation of Villa Jayanagar

Furniture in itself can really work extraordinary as a signature piece in a room. State, you as of now have a wardrobe in the fundamental elevation of the room which basically overwhelms the current space; have a go at playing with finishes and colors to make it look less bulky. Other thing could be antique dining chairs from your granddad’s time which is both useful and innovative, and can without much of a stretch be dress or masterminds to reflect sculpture and art.

Utilize the best features to your potential benefit and develop the space to match and supplement it. The most ideal approach to do this is with considering the following points:


On the off chance that your signature piece is very dim in color, you can make the room both richer and darker to adjust it or you can include a lot lighter colored components highlighted with dull color that match the piece to make a stark contrast. Or then again the other approach is, on the off chance that you have your signature piece as a dull toned recliner chair, shades of similar shading could be utilized to make an subtle impacts and emphasized with lights and upholstery.


The style of the room has a conspicuous effect while planning a space around a signature piece. On the off chance that the signature piece is intricately elaborate, you can bring less complex pieces into the space to both contrast and balance it out, (in a similar specialty however) without diverting from the beauty of the piece. However if it is modern, designing the space around a similar setting can elevate the entire mood of the room.


The size of your piece should be considered as well. A small room with gigantic and lofty furniture pieces could make the room full and consequently lighter signature pieces interestingly could be utilized. . In like manner, if it’s small, keep things close it on the smaller side to shield it from being overshadowed. Trick is to not give too much of weight age to the piece just as the room. Go with the natural flow of the room and just work with what you need to get a bolder look.

Renovation of Villa Jayanagar

All of a room actually needs to accomplish is one well-picked signature piece or point of focus that consummately reflects you. So don’t stress over what your friends will say, simply go out there, get the piece that you truly need, and make that dull space pop!

By the end it’s your very own style. “Simply play with rooms and regions and don’t be so stuck on a plan”. “Now and again you need to rearrange and now and then the smaller changes can have a huge effect and parity everything else out.”

Here’s one guide to substance out the article –

The specialty piece (reflect in the centre) demonstrations as a point of convergence for the room. Light tones of upholstery, light metal bed, bedside light and the slender members from the windows (mullions) are considered while designing the above space.