What is shabby chic style, for Renovation of Villa in Electronic City, Magnon India.

Pastel color softness, rich vintage and with a dash of modernity and comfort is what explains shabby chic decor best. This dream interior design style would take anyone back to the time. Even though shabby chic style not very difficult to achieve, many tend to confuse it with other styles which follows similar principles. Even though there is a tiny line between the shabby chic style and other style alike. Shabby chic style has its own unmatchable elegance when understood and implemented completely. So here our expert interior designer in Bangalore has spilled some secrets to help you understand the dreamy style.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

The basic principles:

The basic of shabby chic style is embracing the imperfections. The key lies in balancing the imperfect worn out/old items with the latest to bring our extremely dreamy look. The style also concentrates on pulling along all things together without making anything look cluttered or messy. It would really require expertise to select all the items that compliment each other increasing the elegance of your room. And also, not necessary that entire space should contain worn out or antique furniture or decors to achieve style. You can easily achieve this look by selecting the right two or three items in this style.


If you want to achieve this friendly style with less efforts. Then, our interiors designers who provide affordable home interiors suggest that furniture is something that help you to do this at ease. Even a simple old wardrobe, worn out wooden table can make a huge difference to the style. It is not necessary that you should buy antique of really worn out piece of something to achieve this style. Even a new item designs resembles a worn out item with the help of paint and design.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

Investing in this type of items would make your interiors to last longer and gives the best value for your money. Customize interior designs manufactures like magonindia who provides affordable interior designs with EMI options can help you in manufacturing the shabby styled yet new interior decorating items or furniture in unparalleled quality and at best prices. So, even though he shabby chic style is most about luxury, it is possible to implement this style within your budget with the proper planning from our experts.

Understanding the colors in shabby chic style:

This style can be best achieved with the use of pastel colors, that warm, friendly and luxury alluring interior look can be easily made possible wit a perfect mix of pastel colors and whites. Shabby chic style is more feminine in nature, so, a small pop of colors can be added to the pastels and white in form of flowers and other feminine elements to bring out the perfect shabby chic style. Above all the selection of colors and blending them perfectly is the most important part of this style. It would require great expertise to select and match them properly.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

Walls and flooring:

Most of the time its accessories and furniture which help you to achieve the shabby chic style, So our expert interior architects suggest keeping the walls and floor mostly neutral to let the actual items to stand out. The wall colors, flooring should compliment and support the interiors we are using. Also the neutral color or whites we use for the walls reflect the luxury and richness. A wooden flooring light in shade can also really bring out the style.


Using the right accessories is one great way to pull off the shabby chic style effortlessly, bed linens, curtains, chair covers, rugs, mats every accessory can used in a perfect way to pull off this style with ease, for example a multilayered curtains using pastel colors will bring the style into life. Even an old style floor rug can make a huge difference to the entire space. Shabby chic style embraces luxury so with the choice of materials that are used for accessories you can make your place reflect luxury. The silk, rich satin, linen materials can be used for the covers and curtains that reflect luxury.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

The chic part:

So, we have spoke enough the pastels, the neutrals, worn outs, vintage, the whites and old then where is the chic part. To balance this and to make the style more appealing a dash of colors that match with pastels can be added for the accessories or furniture. The key lies in balancing the both and not letting anything dominate the other. Take the help of expert interior designers in whitefield.


Unlike other styles shabby chic style requires little extra care and maintenance because of the use of light colors. Also if you have invested in worn out or antique pieces, these things should be taken care properly especially if your place experience lot of traffic. After this much effort and money no one would like to go their efforts in vain. So, maintain and care for your interiors properly to make them last for generations. Shabby chic styled interiors are really worth to be enjoyed by generations. So, not just your house make your interiors also last for generations with proper maintenance and care.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

So, we have understood you already fell in love with this style, who would not fall for this luxury, warm, and most welcoming style. To implement this dream style at your home or apartment or at your farm house gives a call to our experts. Not just shabby chic style, tell our experts any style that you are really dreaming of, or professionals would be ready and help build your dream home interiors. If you gets confuse on what you want, schedule a meeting with us to explain your needs.

Renovation of Villa in Electronic City

Based on your requirement, budget and taste we suggests customize plan for you. Not just plan with state of art manufacturing factory and using German technology we manufacture all your customize interiors in our own factory, which lets us provide the interiors at an affordable cost in Bangalore.