Renovation of Home in Bangalore, the quick mix of mid-century and modern styles has been one of the most loved interior designing trends for a long time. We are obsessed with the aesthetic look, and the peaceful feeling it generates is impressive. Some of you might be thinking that the time for this trend has gone, but that’s not true. Just because it is in the perfect light for enough time now, doesn’t mean could not have one more moment. The mid-century modern style has always remained timeless, and when executed smartly, it can get the best of your place.

Renovation of Home in Bangalore

The interior designers are not yet done with it because there is so much to explore and experiment. If you are also thinking to bring the old back and mix to the new in the home, the below article is a must-read. Here is something you would love most about the mid-century modern style decoration.

Understand the Concept

Mid-century designs are about nature. The love for wood, glass expansion, and flat planes is all that we cover under this concept. The trend gifted us with iconic furniture and linked us more to nature with highly coveted lights. The blend of industrial, architectural, and modern graphics create the base for it. This highly liberal art of designing gives us the best organic influences, and we love it.

Renovation of Home in Bangalore

The Inspiration Fountain

The modernism in the early part of the 20th century had a lot to say and more to express. The gifts the moment brought with it also includes the insights of our favorite mid-century designs. The clash of Bauhaus, modern, and the international moment resulted as the property of the mid-century trend that flourished more after world war II with the use of cutting edge technologies. The need to create a rural feeling in city houses made home interior designers to bring this remarkable trend into existence.

The Starters for Newbie’s

Start with something you don’t have. If you lack in a side table, go for a mid-century modern effect in the new one, and you have your first goal. If you want to start with something specific and not with tables, chairs, couch, and credenza, lighting could help. The unique lamps will be your favorites once you see them in the store. Don’t you agree that mid-century melts and blends with other trends like there is nothing new? And that’s why you can start with anything and can mix with anything.

Renovation of Home in Bangalore

Be Choosy, But Not With Material

If you are eyeing something but the material doesn’t turn out to be solid, don’t be disappointed. Even a wood veneer would be a good option if you liked the piece. You will be amazed to find that most of the sought after pieces of mid-century moderns are made of wood veneer. Also, the best part is they remain, as good as new, for as long time as, the furniture made of solid wood stays.

Renovation of Home in Bangalore

The Colour theory

From bright hues to earthy colours and pasta shades, you never go wrong with colours when you are designing your home for mid-century effect. Pale pink has always been my personal favourite because of that ever trending neutral effect. Moreover, you can be a proud mid-century modern styled homeowner by the fair share of the limelight to all crafts of your home with white brushed walls. White looks good, has a peaceful effect, and you can also generate a warm feeling with some light greyish shades.

Renovation of Home in Bangalore

The Woody Backup

When you talk about the mid-century, the interior decorators are obliged to bring the woody goody back. The center stage has to be occupied by real wood instead of engineered pressed wood, and you don’t have to wait much for the authentic feel. With high-quality furnishings, the clean lines of walnuts, teak, oak, rosewood will do wonders in your home. With the increasing demand for such pieces, they have occupied the market with a grand collection. You can have one ready made if you are not interested in getting them prepared at home.

Light the Mid-century Right

Lighting that looks like dazzling stars is our all-time favourite and we dare to accept that we have stolen it from the ’50s. The sculptured unique light fixtures not only give an influencing touch to your home but are also functional. What more you want? Let the pendant lights dangle from the ceiling, and the clean marble floors have its fun catching the colourful stars with excitement. Mid-century is called the era of art because it rules the trends with bold lighting without bothering about the matching principle.

Not to Forget: Bar

Mid-century brings nostalgia, then why not nostalgia helps you bring the mid-century styles and mix with your modern? A drink mixing area is a must-have in your mid-century modern home. You can have in-built one, or you can buy a trendy piece. A cocktail shaker, liquors, and vintage glasses make the right companion for your not to forget bar. A movable cart like bar will surely add the modern adds effect and a massive amount of comfort because modernity is all about comfort and mid-century calls luxury.

Special Love for Mirrors

Whether you look back in the time or see the trends of the current time, mirrors have always stayed on their place in the list. How they do wonder is nothing to explain because we have been eyeing them, using them, and talking about their worth for enough time now. A round mirror with sticks surrounding it like rays will bring the beauty of the sun down, making you love the sunburst mirror more and more.

Go Modern with the Kitchen

The mid-century effect will come with the paint, furniture, lighting, and artwork, but what about the modern hues? Worried? Don’t be, because we have the best option. Though, you infuse something of the latest trends in every part of your home, a thoroughly modern kitchen will do something far more than that. With flat and plain wooden cabinets and marble countertops, you are good to mix mid-century in the contemporary designs. If you ask luxury interior designers in Bangalore for flooring, cork or laminate flooring will be the best compliment.