Using Tiles In Home: Pros And Cons

Renovation of Home Bangalore, we all love that beautiful look of tiles in our home. This elegant flooring option adds immense charm to your home. The best thing about them is they go well in every part of the house. From the bathroom to the kitchen and bedroom to the living room, tiles can never go wrong as a flooring material. Despite having many benefits, tiles do come with some shortcomings. According to the interior designers in Jayanagar. if you are about to choose tiles as a flooring material for your home, have a look at the pros and cons before making the final decision.

Renovation of Home Bangalore

To help you more, here are some significant things you need to know about tiles.



A tile is a hard and durable flooring material. They can bear high crowd over the floor without having the fear that they will crack. Home interior designers say that if you get them installed from a professional, they will surely last longer. The tiles can remain the same for even hundreds of years. However, if one of the tiles on the floor gets cracked, or can be replaced by a professional installer. One thing you must keep in mind is, you can’t DIY this procedure; otherwise, the elegant look will be gone.

Renovation of Home Bangalore

Water Resistant

Tiles have a protective layer on top that prevents moisture effect. The reason why tiles are considered best for the kitchen, bathrooms, and other wet areas is because they are water resistant. Thus, tiles are not affected by water plus stains also leave a little effect over their surface.

Temperature And Chemical Resistant

Tiles are considered the best option for the kitchen, and that’s all because of their temperature sensitivity. Even high temperatures cannot damage the surface of a tile. Moreover, even the most reactive chemicals can’t corrode or destroy the surface of the tiles. The tiles are that’s why used in labs in schools and colleges.

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Environmental Friendly

Tiles are made of raw materials like natural clay and are entirely natural. Neither their production hurts the environment, nor the material chosen is exploitation for the environment. The tiles do not need to make use of trees and plants while manufacturing, unlike wood flooring. However, the cleaning of tiles doesn’t require any chemical that could be harmful to the ecosystem, and that’s the best part.

Easy Maintenance

The top protective glazed layer on most of the tiles makes them less prone to stains. Even if the layer is not present, tiles don’t get stained easily. They are extremely easy to clean; you just need some water and vinegar to see the best part of your flooring. Moreover, the tiles are hygienic because of the absence of chemical reactive properties in them. The tiles inhibit the growth of bacterias such as fungi, mould, and viruses. However, the grout lines do need special care.

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Diverse Varieties

The varieties are unnumbered in tiles. First of all the varieties start in types such as ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic. You get a number of size and color options to choose as per your preferences. Moreover, you can also buy designer tiles. The thing is this flooring option has got something for everyone, and that’s what makes it the first choice of everyone.

The modern procedures and technologies help in designing the most beautiful tiles with exquisite prints. These can be mix matched and can also be printed as natural things like hardwoods and stones.

Affordable Cost

The cost of tile has a wide range. You can get both expensive and cheap tile as per your preferences. However, the cheaper ones are also not cheap when it comes to quality. High-quality tiles can cost higher in starting but are affordable in the long run. If you invest a good amount in choosing the best material and get the best professional service, the tiles can stay good for hundreds of years.

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Grout Lines Are Difficult To Maintain

The grout lines are hard to maintain because they are not water and temperature resistance like tiles. They can get bacteria, and that’s why they need special care. However, if a grout sealer is used after installation, this issue can be solved. If you haven’t installed a grout sealer, clean the lines regularly with some water and vinegar for that natural shine.

Extremely Hard

The harness of tiles is both good and bad. While this hardness makes them durable, they do come with some problems. When objects like glass fall on them, the destruction caused in both ways. The objects can break plus the tiles can also get cracked and scratched. The hardness of the tiles is thus both beneficial and harmful. The interior designers advise being careful with breakable items on tile flooring.

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The Weather Issues

Tiles go buddy with the weather. They are cool in cold weather and warm in hot weather. You can’t expect them to cooperate with you according to the weather. However, if the tiles do not come in direct contact with the sun, they can keep the floor cold. In cold weather, you can cover the floors with carpet to prevent that pinching coldness in feet. The luxury interior designers in Bangalore favor going for tiles if the weather conditions in your region are hot for the maximum period of the year.


Some of the tiles can be extremely heavy because of the need for stiff and hard flooring. This higher weight can be an issue when you are thinking to install tiles for upper-story.

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Tricky Installation

The installation process of tiles is quite tricky. You can’t do it yourself, and even if you do, the fineness will be missing. The grout lines tend to become worse when not handled nicely, and that’s why professional help is required. If you still want to do it yourself, it is better to choose tiles that are friendly for this purpose. Tiles like natural clay tiles, Saltillo tiles, polished stone tiles, etc., can never be your cup of tea until you are professional.