Every beautifully designed Modular Kitchen needn’t always be the largest in size. In fact, in most case, less can be assumed to be more. “No human mind worked in the same way as another., no family in the same context has the same cooking behaviour and storage requirements.  Some may prefer a well laid Modular Kitchen that begins at one end and sees no end thereafter. While some may prefer a Kitchen, that can be viewed in all in just one glance. Beauty, in this case, has nothing much to compare with, when there comes to talk of square ft area.

However, this may not remain the same forever. At some point in time, as the weather changes, there also comes a time when homeowners decide to pursue the road of a makeover. The makeover, that may in many cases entirely change the look and feel of their Modular Kitchen, from the cabinet to cabinet, flooring to ceiling, appliances to slimmer, yet more efficient lighting arrangements.

Listed below, are certain points to be noted, before considering an end to end kitchen makeover.

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Replacing Kitchen Cabinets or Remodelling

While generally, replacing them would do a world of change. Remodelling, at this day and age, wouldn’t be a bad option either. Replacing, your kitchen cabinets, at times may end up burning your pockets. Remodelling, on the other hand, is known to be economically friendly.

If you’re considering a replacement

There exists,  a world of options you can choose from. You can go for an all-metal and wood-look or go instead change the entire location of your cabinets. You can redesign the entire layout of your Modular Kitchen and build it to be the way you at present want it to look. You can add extra lighting or just build in a false ceiling. If you’ve positively decided to consider the route towards replacement, it is important for you to consider cabinet colours that blend in seamlessly with the wall décor in your kitchen.

Although, the process may have been explained and understood in just a few words. It may not seem that simple when you practice what you read. Hence, to explore solution and design log on to www.ozokitchen.com you can thereafter give us a call on 9590351351 or mail in your requirements to sales.ozokitchen@gmail.com

If you’re considering remodelling 

On the other hand, you can start off with the placement of your handles and work right into the rebuilding the size, colour and overall touch and feel of your cabinets. Even though, may not entirely change the way your kitchen looks. It certainly, brings about an air of change and aura of newness.

If your, actively considering remodelling, you’d need to know what’s and how’s of your kitchen from end to end. You could initially, build on a rough plan of how you’d want it to look like in the end and then work backwards from thereon. Compare it with the final goal and see how far away from it you are. Once, you finish your research fix up a meeting with the best interior designers in Bangalore or wherever you reside and walk through the same with them.

Reconsidering Colour or Shades 

An option, simply derived from the kitty of a smart spender. While the first point, certainly may playout to be either way in terms of your spending when compared with your savings. Repainting your cabinets certainly can do a world of good to the way it looks and feels. While colours such as White and its shades may certainly be the firsts on the list of colours to consider. It certainly wouldn’t be wrong to consider anything else out of the box.

If you’re considering a change in Colour

As it may be known to be obvious. There are, only a handful of colours that make a modular kitchen look bright and elegant. Colour’s such as yellow, blue, grey and red, can be taken to be the best picks in this case. These colours, not only bring with them an aura of royalty, but also an aura of positivity and happiness. Yet at the end of the day, it is important you match it perfectly with the décor in the entire room.

If you’re considering a change in Shades

Shades are known to be many in number. Whether,  it may be shades of the colour white, blue, green, yellow or red. While changing, the colour of the Wall décor of your modular kitchen may not seem to be a tough task. The act of just wanting to play with the shades of the existing colour can be perceived to be nothing on the lines of a change at all. Hence, it is important for you to choose shades that truly make a difference in the end. Whilst, not entirely falling back on the colour code of the earlier colour used to design the walls of your kitchen.

Reincorporating Art or Architecture 

While ART may not be a regular resident among the traditional décor in a Modular Kitchen. We Indian, are known to hang pictures of our family or travel on the doors of our fridge or the walls in and around our kitchen. Although, they may look cute and homely. They, somehow hold us back in the past. Some of the pictures may even be torn and worn out. In this world, that is going digital in all spheres, these memories would sure stay safer in your phone.

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If you’re considering Art

Art, while placed in any room, makes it look more sophisticated and special. It would be, a  great idea if you were to add classic art portraits of dishes and cuisines cooked and feasted in your household. Any piece of Art blended in with your kitchen décor will keep inspiration always at the doorstep.

If you’re considering Architecture

It may, the sculptures from the distant past or specimens of vessels and utensils used by our forefathers.  The aura, these simple architectural elements brings with it to your kitchen is truly special. Although, it may not very common in Indian homes. These simple, yet very mood creating elements certainly define the difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen.

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