The materials that you use in your home, to structure the base of your living. These cannot be interchanged whenever needed hence you always need to look for the best. Now choosing between MDF, plywood and multi wood is quite difficult but then let’s indulge into the pros and cons of how these materials are.


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First of all, we have medium density fiberboard also known as MDF. These are usually used for kitchen cabinets; these boards are less sturdy and provide less resilience than plywood. Since the board is very flat, it can be neatly finished and painted to give a superb appearance

This is engineered wood obtained by breaking down of hardwood and softwood. This amazing blend of hardwood and softwood, when used in your house makes it look stunning. The best thing about MDF is that it is made up of small wood fibers and hence would grain are not visible. One interesting point about this is that it uses high-pressure along with high-temperature to bind all the fibers together.

MDF is cheap as compared to plywood. The surface is smooth and suitable for any paint type. Apart from this the smooth edges, extra-fine carved design can only be extracted from MDF. Moreover, it is strong and dense as compared to others. But as we know every coin has two sides, MDF needs to be kept away from water and other liquids as it swells up easily. It is dense hence it is difficult to deal with it because it becomes heavy. Apart from this MDF does not allow drilling and screwing this is because it is made up of extremely small fibers. Concluding to this point, MDF swells up much easily hence it becomes difficult to sustain for a longer period. Especially in India, we have exciting monsoons hence not suitable in Indian homes particularly specially outdoors.


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The second category is plywood, this is also engineered wood made by binding veneer wood sheets into one huge board. Plywood can vary in grades; you can find low quality plywood, high-quality plywood and moderate-quality plywood. Now it depends upon you to choose one of the best out of all. We would advise you to choose the best quality as designing a home is a one-time job and not replaceable. This can also be differentiated, for example, moderate grade plywood flooring can be used at home whereas the cabinets and cupboards can be made up of Good quality plywood.

Marine and BWP, both of these are a category of plywood that is moisture assistant and becomes a perfect choice for bathroom and kitchen.

To highlight a few of the advantages of plywood, it is made up of multiple layers hence is strong and can hold pressure. The best quality of plywood is that it does not soak water and do not swell up. Moreover, it does not get affected by stains, and now it becomes a perfect material for your kitchen. Practically plywood comes in various designs and thicknesses; you can use customized plywood for a specific purpose. You can screw in them or drill any time anywhere, making your work easier. It might not be pocket friendly, as the quality increase, the price increases. You might not get smooth cuts and carved edges in this like MDF.


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The third element is multi-wood; it is made up of UPVC polyester reason and is available in extruded polymer profile form. It is 100% waterproof, non-corrosive and can be used in wet areas. All these sheets are pure white along with glossy texture and perfectly finished surface. Out of all the three, this is long-lasting and suitable with all climatic conditions. If you are thinking to renovate your house and bring in some amazing decor then multi wood is the best option. It is 100% recyclable and ecofriendly. You can cut it into different shapes, sizes and design a decor that fit your house. You can easily screw, drill, carve, paint and glue this. Just to mark a difference between MDF/plywood and multi wood is that MDF and plywood or not borer or termite, or even waterproof like multi-wood. It gives you a lifetime guarantee to have a furnished house with the best material.

Concluding, MDF cannot handle water and moisture hence not suitable during monsoons. Apart from this, you can use it in your living room or bedroom rather than the bathroom or kitchen. Moreover, plywood is much stronger as compared to MDF and can be carved. Importantly, it is waterproof. Plywood is available in different grades if you choose a better grade that means you get better quality. Hence choosing good quality can help you stay away from all the problems and this will increase the lifespan of your decor. Finally multi wood is the best element to design your home with; as we have seen that it can be shaped into various sizes and designs and can be made of any colour you want. You can do any activity with multi wood. It is glossy, shiny, waterproof, durable and one of the best.

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Budget plays a very important role; plywood is expensive as compared to MDF. The price of plywood may vary as per the grade and quality you choose. Similarly multi wood is also expensive but then worth purchasing. Moreover which suits you best depends upon your home type and your lifestyle. If you have a modular kitchen then you need something that can easily be crafted just like plywood or multi wood. Cleanliness factor also is a must; Plywood can be used in the kitchen as it is not easily affected by stains. Multi wood can be used for end to end furnishing. So, now decide the best one you need to design your home sweet home.