Have you always wondered how you would effectively utilize your kitchen space? kitchen designers in Bangalore. Then the parallel modular kitchen design is just what you need. This arrangement is best suited for very long rooms because it takes advantage of both the main walls. You will have the advantage of placing all the connections of the equipment on just one wall. It is also very efficient for cooking and storage spaces. You can split your workspace into the wet workspace on one wall and dry workspace on the other side. You can also effectively place the work area on one side e.g oven, sink and worktop while you use the opposite wall for storage.

At Magnon Indian, we have a team of dedicated kitchen designers in Bangalore seeking to bring a different spice into your kitchen decor. With our parallel modular kitchen design with marble countertop and cabinets made from top grade ply, we aim to provide cooking spaces that allow you to engage your creativity, simplify your kitchen and save you money in the process. To avoid coalition when two people want to use the kitchen space, we ensure that the main appliances aren’t fixed to face each other.

We also ensure that at least 48 inches of the aisle are left after the installation of all the appliances and cabinets so that they can easily be opened and accessed. The black marble countertop is stain resistant and it contrasts nicely with the milky white color of the cabinets and kitchen walls. kitchen designers in Bangalore  A tall kitchen cabinet is also installed to ensure that you get your maximum desired storage unit. You do not have to search far for kitchen designers in Bangalore, Magnon India is here to satisfy your needs call for more assistance Magnon India.