Painting and Wallpapers

The dispute on wallpaper versus paint has gone to an extreme level for many years. While some people love the new aged trendy wallpapers being the best option to beautify, protect, and decorate their walls, few disagree. While it is an individual’s decision and choice which one you feel is good, it is essential to be objective when choosing your home decor. Your requirements must play an emphasized role whether you choose wallpaper or wall paint to decorate your four walls.

So, let’s explore a bit more deeply and understand what fits your needs the most.

Cost Estimates

Everything in this world, small or big, surges to your funds. And this makes it essential to do a cost estimate previously, your choice for wallpaper to paint or vice versa although. But between the two options, wallpapers can cost more when compared with paints.

In India, there are wallpapers designed with some standards like they are 57 sq. ft and 75 sq ft rolls, where the cost of each roll will range between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 10,000. This cost depends on the design and the material you choose. And with this, there come to the installation charges which will range too – depending on the company you are signing for this work with.

But if you go for a paint job, the cost will reduce significantly. Depending on the paint brand and the contractor one chooses, it would cost the owners depending on the per sq ft area space to be painted. This involves the primer job, too that can be handled effortlessly by the best interior designers in Bangalore like Magnon India. Even if you choose only the best of all materials, it will cost you around Rs. 25000 to get a 1000 sq ft home painted.

While Magnon India understands the importance of a budget, we pledge to be the best interior designers in Bangalore with the end goal of having nothing but a happy and satisfied client.

Time tracker

Now, if you are planning to get your walls painted or decorated with wallpapers, the initial step here that is to be taken is to choose promising home interior designers in Bangalore like Magnon India. Selecting a skilled team of interior decorators in Bangalore is one of the most important aspects in order to get the job done perfectly.

Once you choose your best decor partner, the next step is to analyse whether you want to get your walls painted or decorated with wallpapers.

Generally, painting will take a couple of days to get completed while on the other hand, the job of installing the wallpapers which is to be done very carefully may take around a week’s time for the similar space.

But yes, another fact that shouldn’t be ignored is if your walls are having previously existing wallpapers and require scraping or renovation, then the procedure would extend much longer. 


If you are one of those individuals who easily get bored of something then wallpapers are just not made for you. This is because wallpapers are something that lasts for more than a decade if the fine quality installation is done.

In case of normal painting, no matter what kind of paint you use, you have to get your space re-painted every 5-7 years before the walls turn out to dull.

As the matter of fact, wallpapers are more durable and highly cost-effective when considered for the long run. It provides a perfect return of investment which is much higher than painting.


There is a wide range of paint varieties available in today’s market that could easily convince your mind.  These paints come in various types of bases like oil and water based paints. Along with multiple bases, they come in different finishes like semi-gloss & gloss finish, satin finish, matte finish, and eggshell finish.  If you choose for painting, the sky is indeed the limit!

Similarly, in case of wallpapers, they too come in various types like vinyl-coated fabric, grasscloth, solid-sheet vinyl, pre-pasted, non-woven, etc.

Plus do the rapidly evolving technology, it is now possible to get your desired image painted or installed in the form of wallpaper.


Wallpapers could be pasted by making the use of adhesive. Any kind of exposure to the humidity or moisture will directly peel off the wallpaper. All these things are very important to be considered before opting for the option of installing wallpapers on your walls. In case of paints, they too aren’t humidity, heat, or moisture friendly but compared to the wallpapers, they have much high heat tolerance.


Wallpapers have the tendency to peel off when left unmaintained whereas; paints on the other hand have the tendency to chip out. If you consider investing in a fine quality paint or wallpaper, with the best interior designers in Bangalore like Magnon India, they would surely bear the wear & tear comparatively well. Depending on the quality, you will be able to easily clean or wipe them if you little ones play around with crayons on the wall

Other aspects

So now that we all have a basic idea about both the aspects you must have definitely come down to a decision of picking one of them. But yes, let us look at what else you should be considering before reaching your final decision.

  • If you are looking for perfection, it is definitely not advisable to get the job done by yourself.
  • In case if your wallpaper comes off by any of the sides or gets damaged, you might not get a replacement for the same as the patterns to keep on changing. Subsequently, you will have to get the whole thing replaced.
  • If at all you have second thoughts bouncing into your minds regarding the design you have picked, you would have to spend a great deal of muscle doing the scrapping.
  • Picking the right colour scheme is child’s play since the paint companies offer a wide range of options to pick from.
  • If you feel that your colour is not sparkling its magic, you can get it repainted right away avoiding all the scrapping hassle.

Do you really have to pick one?

So if you feel that you really have to pick one from these two options, that’s surely not true. Most of the homebuyers today consider painting all their walls and highlight one of the central wall exquisite wallpapers.