TEAM – Interior Designers in Bangalore

JK Bhagat : After spending 10 years in Indian Airforce and the 12 years in Interior design, specialised in project execution. He is the authority when it comes to Home Interiors in Bangalore. He is responsible for all production, Installation and Execution of Residential Interior Design Projects in Bangalore. His aim is to make sure that we deliver the world-class products to our customers.

Suma Rao is one of the best Interior Designer in Bangalore, having the credit of successfully delivering more than 480 luxury interior designer projects in Bangalore. She is the top preference even for most of the Tier 1 builders when it comes to building their own model apartment and villa project in Bangalore. She is well respected in the Bangalore interior designers community. She has also mentored for many interior design companies and online platform. She is the thought leader in the residential interior design field.

Shylaja Naveen : She is referred as Shyla by her team, she has been in profession as an Interior Designer for over 6 years. During her creative journey she has worked on a variety of interior design project. We could say she is an authority in Apartment interiors in Bangalore. When it comes to Apartment interiors, the mantra is keep it simple in designing. According to her a good design should be functional, visually pleasing and in harmony with the space. Shyla is one of the best interior designer in Bangalore. She has the credit of designing and executing more than 250 projects across Bangalore. Shyla is one of our Top interior designers in Bangalore. 

Paniraj Iyer : Engineering Graduate with 22 years of experience in wood, sourcing and Interior design industry. When it comes to the quality of wood, he is authority in the subject. He overseas technical scope of all project across Bangalore. He is well known in the wood industry and has written numerous article and published papers in leading journals. He presently coaches the team in our factory on quality standards and on best practices to be followed in the interior design industry. He is a soft spoken person with lot of patience.

Arun Naik : Engineering Graduate with 12 years of experience in the infrastructure industry. He heads our Infra team which consists of (Granite, False Ceiling, Painting and other civil work). He has the credit to build and project management,  helping clients to realize their aspiration through successful integration of these services. He has helped in furnishing  350+ Villa, Apartments in Bangalore.  He has shown how coordinating all these disciplines under one roof achieves greater benefits across quality, time and investment to client and to organization.

Sendhil Kumar : Is a Lead Designer in Magnon Interiors. He is a Graduate in Interior Design, and is known to create ingenious designs that are truly captivating. He is an End-to-End Interior design specialist. He came to Magnon India with 8 years in interior design industry and 2 years  of experience in teaching. He has the credit of training more than 200 interior designers in Bangalore. He believes the key to a good design and a happy customer is to involve them in the design process from start to end and create designs that are harmonious, elegant and simple which fit in with taste and personality of the people. He plays with colors, textures and materials. To give a wow factor to client, he believes in breaking any stereotypes in interiors and would like to look for new possibilities.

Each project at magnon is curated with a unique and exclusive celebration, with careful attention to the environment, catering to clients taste. A home designed from curious, genuine and fearless imaginations with inspirational Idea in Design to Reality. Magnon adds a taste of luxury to the art of living steeped in style and craftsmanship. You will always have the comfort to have 1 point of contact till the project is executed from start to end. We are 100% sure that we will get good ratings when we complete the project.

Magnon Interior Designers in Bangalore specializes in all types of residential interior design, architecture including Ethnic Interiors, Rustic, Contemporary, asian as well minimalistic interior designs in Bangalore. Whether it is a new interior design works or a remodelling job, we will get it done right the first time and to your satisfaction. Our focus services include, Villa Interiors in Bangalore, Apartments, Independent House, and more. You could reach us for all your luxury interior design requirements in Bangalore. We are also an ISO 9001 certified company for design and Execution with 99% customer satisfaction.