Ottomans are the best functional pieces of any room furniture. They are usually placed in the living room but now their modest size can complete the look of any place in your home. Generally, an ottoman has a padded cushion that usually atop a frame for resting your feet. Now there are countless variations in the basic theme.

They have often underestimated furniture. Generally, an ottoman is one type of furniture that can serve several functions. They can look pretty while adding aesthetic value to the place. Below you will get to know how to buy the best ottoman that can reward your living room.

Consider the shapes

When you want to buy an ottoman, consider the place and then figure out the shape of the ottoman you need:

  • Round

Generally, round ottomans are a good choice and a common choice when it comes to packing a lot of comfort and versatility in a single frame. A round ottoman can easily add depth and dimension to a room. You can easily place them anywhere and they will create a communal focal point. It is better to combine them with a round couch to get a truly unique and contemporary look.

  • Rectangular

In big restaurants and hotels, you must have seen a rectangular ottoman. They are modern style ottomans that available from the best interior designers in Bangalore. They work best as coffee tables and storage bench seats with storage. They display potential and provide a general surface area. If the space in your room permits then from being a coffee table they can be a secondary seating area in your living room’s spotlight.

  • Square and Cube

Square/ cube-shaped ottomans always supplement the look of the furniture surrounding it. You can look for ottoman sets in square shapes or make one while considering the dimension of the sofa. For a living room, you can go for either a single long rectangular ottoman or you buy a number of square ottomans. You can keep them together and unify them or move them apart, the choice is yours.

Consider different designs


Ottomans can serve various purposes depending upon the designs, some of the best ottoman designs are:


  • Storage

In a room, if you are unable to find a logical area to keep your pillows and blankets, you can keep them in ottomans that come with a storage box. Storage ottomans provide the complete package. You can easily put blankets in them and it is easy to take things out from them. Your average small storage has enough room to hold 3 folded blankets.



  • Table and Tray

Table/ tray ottomans are extremely popular as they solve the problem of feet on the coffee table. They create the best centerpieces for small living rooms with coziness. Many Modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore are selling ottomans that are personalized and can be used in the kitchen.

  • Pillow-top

If you want a chair type ottoman, you’ll be happy to with the tufted ottomans. They have a lot to offer to any customer. The tuff on the top has foam or cotton filling.  There are also Button-tufted ottomans that look elegant and give classic look at affordable prices.

  • Sleeper

If you want a compact bed type option for occasional guests, consider buying an ottoman sleeper. It is a handy bed ottoman that is comfortable and comes at affordable prices.

  • Glider

Glider ottoman is the best for the children as they grow older. There is like the soothing sway of a glider to put your kids to sleep.


Ottoman Materials

You can get ottomans in different materials, some of the common materials are:

  • Fabric

If you have a fabric sofa, then having a fabric ottoman is a good combination. On the other hand, if the living room already features fabric furniture, you can still go for a fabric ottoman as it enhances the look of the room. Pick out the best fabric ottoman from the best Interior decorators in Bangalore and make it the center of the room. You will get a fabric ottoman at less prices. You can also buy an attractive pair of ottoman slipcovers to coordinate your ottoman by season or go for a throw pillow.


  • Leather

Leather is known as luxurious material and it is obvious to have several advantages of buying leather ottomans. Leather is luxurious and much stronger and resistant to tearing or staining than other materials. Also, leather is a soft and responsive quality material that makes it comfortable covering for all furniture. If you want to fill space in your room then go for a leather ottoman from the best home interior designers in Bangalore and make it a stand-out piece. It will give you the best finishing touches in a room and also fill the space while providing the best seating arrangement. For the leather ottoman, choose the color that can positively balance the proportions in the living room.

  • Memory Foam

Foam Ottomans are the best affordable ottomans that you can get from Interior designers in Bangalore. They are made up of polyurethane therefore they are elastic and supportive. The time it lasts depends on the degree of heat and environment it is placed. People often buy these ottomans when they have chronic foot pain so that they can easily place the foot on memory foam ottomans.

Above you have read about the style, design, and material for the ottomans but the most important thing that you should never forget is the color. The ottoman you buy must have the color that matches the rest of the things in your room. Magnon India provides you the best ottoman in different colors that can be placed against a plain backdrop. If you want to make sitting on the ottoman more comfortable then get a steel/ wood as the frame.   As compared to steel, a wooden-frame piece can add more sense and warmth to your room. Search for the interior designers near me and experiment to add ottomans with different combinations to get the look you want.