Cooking is not just any other activity but an art. Cooking is all about choosing right ingredients and through your culinary skills. You make an exceptional dish out of it! Cooking over the history of mankind has undergone tremendous change. From fires lit using stones to modern day  cooking has seen it all.

Modular Kitchen of current times makes cooking fun and extremely enjoyable for the entire family! This has been made possible by several companies which makes these modern day marvels. Kitchens are not just any other part of your home but a place where your family bonds. Kitchen are a very serious business and it becomes all the more evident when you look at the elegant design. Many of the manufacturers also use a software tool which help the customers to design there own kitchen type and based on that the designers will get an idea and accordingly the changes and the improvisations will be done to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Kitchen have changed the concept of kitchens and elevated it to another level of elegant decor. Modular kitchens are highly attractive and functional. They offer a more organized and clutter-free look as compared to open kitchens. So, if you are one of those people who is looking to upgrade or renovate their kitchen, it is time to get acquainted with these simple rules before you decide


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The first thing to choose is the layout of your cooking space. You can choose from various layouts such as parallel, straight, L shaped and U shaped which may or may include an island. The layout are decided based on convenience and kitchen space. They all have certain sets of advantages and disadvantages, so be careful before deciding one.

2.Work Triangle

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The second step is to decide on the k work triangle. The work triangle determines the location of your Hob/Stove, sink and refrigerator. These three important aspects of your space must be placed efficiently for ease of work. The work triangle should, help cook dishes beyond ones imagination can think off. Dishes that blow your mind and fill your heart and stomach with content.


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Once the layout and the work triangle is finalized, you should be ready to decide on your storage option. This step allows you to explore the different storage cabinet options and accessories that will enhance the look of your kitchen as well as offer convenience of task. Many times, corners are simply ignored as they cannot fit in the usual cabinets. But, you can utilize those corners by opting for open shelves. This combination of open and closed storage options will make for a utilitarian kitchen,


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The major deal in kitchen is ventilation. No one can ever neglect this part regardless of the size and type of kitchen, especially in Indian homes. A good ventilation means a good design. Highly expensive ventilators means a good design. Highly expensive ventilators do not necessarily guarantee freshness in the kitchen unless the vent system is done properly. So, make sure your vents are done correctly. Also, ensure that you leave adequate space for windows and doors for cross ventilation.


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Colors are highly significant, which influences the overall look of a kitchen. A happy, cheerful, classy, elegant or trendy kitchen is needed to explore and enjoy the culinary art. To make that happen, you must choose from the perfect combination of color palette.
These are the things that must be considered while choosing a particular design for the kitchen.

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