Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Banaswadi, Get into a room, Turn the switch on, and light fills the room. Is the light bright enough? Could the lighting be designed to assist your health and well-being? Is there any particular way to install new lights in your home? Best Interior Designers, Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Banaswadi always keep these in mind while working on Living Room Interior Design, Modular Kitchen Design, Bedroom Interior Design or Dining Hall Interior Design.

Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Banaswadi.

Lighting plays a very important role in improving the aesthetics of your home. We are evolved in such a way that we always respond to a sequence when it comes natural cycle of light i.e. day and night, that changes gently over time.

But very recently we knowingly or unknowingly ignored these lighting rhythms and we expose our eyes and bodies to high levels of incorrect artificial lighting. Wrong light, at the wrong time, is not good for our wellbeing. We seriously need to ponder about the amount, duration and quality of light we need to lead a good life and make our home pleasing to visitor’s eyes. Along with Power consuming Light fittings, it will be ideal if all Interior Design Companies, Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Banaswadi have a Green Initiative.

Types of Lighting:

A successful interior design requires a mixture of three types of lighting — ambient, task and accent. Here’s an overview, Consider your room as a Pizza. Just like the topping on a pizza each layer of light builds on the other.

Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is like the Pizza base. A chandelier or a wall mounted lighting like sconce provides ambient lighting to your room. It provides an overall even lighting. By using dimmers with an ambient lighting source, the lighting level can be tuned based on the time of day or the mood you want to create.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is like Pizza sauce. Without it, everything is dull and falls apart (isn’t very appetizing). Specific Lights like Table lamps and floor lamps can be used for special tasks like reading, bathing. Task Lighting using pendant can also be used in kitchen and Dining Room. Between a person’s head and the work surface is the Optimum place of task lighting, it makes lighting located under the upper cabinets effective. Magnon are the Modular furniture manufacturer in bangalore,Interior decorators.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is like the topping. It gives depth and dimension to a kitchen. Fixtures placed inside glass-front cabinets to exclusively illuminate China, glassware are some examples of accent lighting. Decorative lighting come under Accent Lighting.  Apart from residential settings, Lighting plays a vital part in Commercial Interior Design.Modular furniture manufacturer in bangalore,Interior decorators.

1. Dabble with the height of the lights to make it decorative.

 2.Let the light pieces be oversized

3. Give a layered look by adding different sources of lighting

4. To make the space brighter and larger add mirrors to reflect light

 5.Light the way or use Track Lighting can be used for both outdoors and indoors

 6.In the kitchen, try and light the working surfaces. Use everything you can: pendants, downlighters, strips under the above cupboards

 7. Under-cabinet lights can be a hidden asset in any kitchen, providing task lighting as well as soft ambient lighting to give the room a warm glow with the touch of a dimmer switch.

 8.Try mixing various lighting fixtures like Spot Lights, Table Lamp with Recess Lighting to make a room cosy, bright and welcoming.

 9. Darkness or use red shades of low light enables good sleep.

 10.Consider your controls and switches, especially in a place with layered lighting.