It does not matter whether your kitchen is small or large; it should be manageable. The reason being organised things not only elegantly present your kitchen but also defines your personality. The home interior designers in bangalore suggest organising and designing your kitchen according to your convenience and taste.

Talking about storage hacks, we all have some. Some hacks make our working in kitchen smarter, and some make it look better. The comfort in the kitchen adds up to the taste of your food as well. 

Here is a list of storage hacks from renowned interior decorators which not only help you while you cook delicious food but also enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

1. Add Shelves Everywhere

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There are many vacant spaces on the walls of every kitchen, and the best way to use that is using with purpose. You can add shelves there to use that unused space for better use. You can add small or large sides shelves according to your wall size, and the items that you want to store there. You must also consider the weight the shelves are going to handle. The best thing to store on such shelves includes some decorative jars. It helps in reducing the counter clutter and also enhances the beauty of your kitchen. 

2. Make Use Of Cabinet Doors

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Another smart hack for your tiny kitchen is that you can adequately use cabinet doors by adding small shelves on the back of their doors to store items like packets of spices, small food packets, counter duster, etc. You can buy the small shelving material from your local market, and online as well. These shelves keep the packets standing so that the food doesn’t go waste even if the packages are left open.  

3. In-drawer Knife Block

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If you have children who jump onto everything that they see, then this one is undoubtedly going to be a life saviour. You can add a block in a small drawer to store knives and other sharp equipment. These blocks come in a variety of types and can be purchased online as well as offline. You can add a magnetic block on walls, or buy a knife fitting block for the drawer. The storage system will help you to quickly access them and also ensure a safety measure for your little champs at the same time.  

4. Make Use Of Narrowest Spaces

If you have waste narrow space in your kitchen, then you can add a narrow sliding tower or a trolley. These storage spaces use narrow space beside the refrigerator in the best way. The shelf comes with tires, and it comes out when you need it. The shelves can be used as an awesome storage alternative for the storage of items like cans, bottles, jars etc. 

This will improve your storage capacity and provide convenience, as well. 

5. Behind The Door Storage

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If you have a kitchen with the main door like a traditional kitchen, then you can utilise the waste space behind the door of your kitchen. You can attach a shelf unit with the wall that can hold things like cleaning materials, Jars, cups etc. Don’t worry, this will not look bad, and you will have better storage spaces. Don’t stuff food items in this area. You can also cover the backside of the door to prevent the door from looking ill-maintained.  

6. Move Your Spices Off The Counter

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You always need a separate place to store spices in your kitchen because these are something that you can’t afford to waste. Putting spices on the main counter can make them wet and moisturised plus if you store it anonymously, it takes away the beauty of your kitchen. You should use either store the spice above the above countertop or in a drawer below the countertop. In the cabinet, you can also add a pull out drawer to store spices to make it more manageable. 

7. Corner Storage hacks

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The corners in a kitchen are often left unused with no option to add something. There are two great ways to out this space on use. You can go for either a swing-out cabinet or a lazy susan. The luxury interior designers in Hebbal suggest that these spaces smoothly infuse in the area and make it easy to access the stuff inside. These come with drawer and shelf separation, making it easy to organise the items inside it. 

8. Slide-out Bin Storage

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You can hide your kitchen dustbin by storing it under the sink. In this manner, you can utilise the space which is wasted under the sink of your kitchen, and the trash will no longer be exposed. You can also add a pull-out slide which slides your bin without using any force this making it easy to access the bin when required. 

9. Fridge Storage Magnets

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There are many storage magnets available in the market which can store many small items and can be attached to the metal. You can use these storage magnets by attaching them with your fridge and can put things like towel, Bills, spoons etc. into it. In this way, you can also minimise you cluster on your counter and give a clean and hygienic look to your counter. These fridge magnets come in a variety of cute designs making your refrigerator look beautiful. 

10. Toe-kick Drawers

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It is also an exciting storage hack which enhances the storage capacity of your kitchen. You can install toe- kick drawers at the base of your cabinets. You can store items like cleaning material, dishwashing detergents, trays, and other small-sized items. Such drawers make it easy for you to access the kitchen stuff as and when required. It does not only minimise your clutter but also gives an organised and modernised look to your kitchen.