Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore tasty food means a happy life. The kitchen is the most critical part of our home because we not only cook here food but happiness for the family. With time, people are investing more and more in having a beautiful kitchen. As with other parts of the home, it also deserves to be decorated with love. Latest trends have encouraged open kitchens and that’s why decoration has become crucial.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

From floors to countertops and appliances to storage cabinets, everything comes in a large number of styles these days. Looking into the latest trends, the modular kitchen is growing like crazy. Modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore can help you with some great styles. There are several benefits of these type of kitchen, but at the same time, there are few things that you must consider before designing a modular kitchen.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

Below are some of the important tips that you must keep in mind to keep your kitchen looking great for a long time.

1. Make the best use of the space available

Space plays a vital role in designing kitchen. For smaller areas, modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore recommend straight kitchen to have proper walking space. A parallel kitchen will also work fine. Moreover, if you have enough space, you can think of making an island kitchen, or L/U shaped kitchen. Experimenting too much in a smaller area will make the kitchen look overdone and cramped.

2. Location for electrical fixtures

Your kitchen will have all the required appliances as in this modern era; machines are our best buddies. Water filter, refrigerator, oven, and everything else will need an electrical source. In your modular kitchen, make sure you plan them according to the position of appliances and fireplace. Also, for plumbing and water outlets, proper arrangements should be made. The kitchen also needs adequate lighting. Keep track of every electrical or plumbing outlet needs so that you won’t regret afterward.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

3. Analyse the storage needs

Cabinets and drawers should be planned according to the storage needs. Unnecessary and less than the requirements, both are troublesome. Modular furniture manufacturers in Bangalore says that designing the storage cabinets according to needs cannot only cut some extra cost, but it will also prevent the kitchen from looking overstuffed. Also, according to the convenience of people at home, the cabinets can be made of different styles. The easy to operate pull out drawers are best for elder people.

4. Darker countertops are best

You have three options for the material of countertops. According to the cooking that you do in your home, you can choose from marble, granite, or engineered stone. Moreover, the best thing is to select darker shades so that oily dishes don’t leave their stains on the countertops. Darke countertops with bright walls not only make an impressive combination but also keep the grace of kitchen top maintained.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

5. Plain and glossy wall tiles

Do you love textured and matte finished wall tiles? Well, the modular kitchen loses all its charm when there are stains. Dull walls and countertops can take away the beauty of the beautiful modular furniture. Due to cooking and frying, the textured and matte finished tiles become sticky and greased and is hard to clean. The glossy and plain tiles can be effortlessly cleaned after every cooking.  

6. Add reflector colors

Colors play a vital role in designing a modular kitchen. According to vastu, bright colors welcome positive energy to the kitchen. Suggestions by Modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore, The food we prepare in the kitchen affects our health, and the colors do matter. Black, brown, and dark blue colors are never favored for kitchen paint. If you fear that white we look too cold and dull, go for its shades. The rose white, creamy white, and greyish white are some of the best colors to make your kitchen outstanding and vastu perfect at the same time.

7. Cabinets versus drawers

Both cabinets and drawers have their own benefits. But according to modular kitchen manufacturers, sectional drawers are better than cabinets. The sectional drawers make it possible for you to make optimal use of storage spaces. You can also go for a combination of both, as cabinets are great to store bigger objects like pottery and other things. Moreover, try to combine wood and steel for preparing the cabinets and drawers for a better life.

8. Smooth working area

A good walking space between the cooking, stocking, and washing is must to make the kitchen comfortable. Make sure you plan the area keeping in mind the space available and the shape of the kitchen you want to have. Appliances can be integrated to free up some more space and smoothing working in the kitchen. Also, the countertop should also be large enough to put things properly while preparing food for cooking.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

9. Ventilation and exhaust

Ventilation is necessary in every place. Firstly there is too much heat in the kitchen that can cause suffocation. Also, according to vastu, windows welcome fresh air which brings positive energy. Install larger windows in the kitchen to work smoothly in the kitchen. To move the hot air out, an exhaust and chimney is necessary in every kitchen. While exhaust works to pass the hot air outside the place, chimney prevents the top of the cooking area from becoming darker due to the smoke produced while cooking.

10. Care and cleanliness

A modular kitchen must be cleaned very carefully to prevent the furniture from losing its charm. Harsh chemicals and brushes should be avoided. Use soft brushes or cotton cloth to slowly clean the cabinets and drawers. Also, don’t scratch the furniture with knife or other pointed tips. Mild detergents are best to clean this type of kitchen. Avoid sitting on the countertops and don’t put hot mugs or utensils things without placing table mats.

Best Modular kitchen dealer Bangalore

You can experiment with everything but keeping some useful tips and tricks in mind will always prevent you from troubles. A modular kitchen should be maintained well to keep it looking like new for a longer time. Hope you liked these tips and if you have some more suggestions in mind, comment below.