Kitchen is an integral part of every home; we can have a house with one room instead of two, but we can’t have a home without a kitchen. Even those living in single rooms create a kitchen area in their small space. 

Whatever you choose your theme: industrial, contemporary, or modern, every interior needs a kitchen for sure. The experts in villa interior design suggest that even those who follow trends from 19th century want a modular kitchen. Reason? The comfort and elegance that a modular kitchen offers are unskippable. You want those smart kitchen devices installed, luxury looks embedded, and sturdy materials, at any cost.

Modular kitchens are known for their easy comfort and the way they smoothly mix up with every design theme. Modular kitchens can be designed in expanded as well as a compact space. An expert in villa modular kitchen will effortlessly create an amazing kitchen in that small, but vastu perfect corner in your home if you want.

 But, that’s not true as you can style a modular kitchen in as many ways as you want. Be ready with your inspiration, and they will help bring it in. Don’t have something to share? Here are the top 5 rocking modular kitchen design trends you can ask your designers to develop as your cooking space.

The Traditionally Contemporary

Modular Kitchen

If you want contemporary, but also want that age-old grace, this one is something you will love. The traditional touch in the modern kitchen makes it a room worth spending time cooking some delicious meals. The combination of beautiful white with elegant wood cabinetry creates a glamorous kitchen that is full of life.

The handles give it a traditional look accompanying the modern countertops. The traditional touch could be easily added with open and closed shelves for storage. The white tiles are a part of contemporary kitchen making.

The Magic Drawn By Woods

Modular Kitchen

The most commonly used element for furniture is wood. We have plenty of wooden materials that are cheap, durable, elegant looking, fine-looking, precious, and whatnot. From the comforting beds and sofas to storage and cabinetry, wood has covered everything.

Every kitchen uses some or more wood. When you have ample space to build a kitchen, wood serves as the best thing to decorate. The darker shade of wood makes the room feel just perfect in size, with matching tiles adding more and more elegance. The large windows keep the kitchen full of natural light which balances out with darker hues in the area.

When The Old Meets New

Modular Kitchen

When you don’t want to throw your old furniture but that’s not enough for your new kitchen, you create harmony. Buying everything new will neither be a wise decision, not it will do something better if you play smart. Tune your old favorites with new ones in such a way that everything seems balanced out.

The rustic finish of old furniture will create a rhyme with the newly done cabinetry. The polish of new furniture will shine, and the glare will be shared by the vintage charm of the old furniture. You can also create a new look with new tiles, and cabinet handles in an old kitchen.

The Best In Style

Modular Kitchen

A kitchen is not only about the countertop, cabinetry, sink, and the stove. Your dining table also belongs to your kitchen. When you have some great space to build a kitchen that allows the dining table to be part of it like it’s a single room.  First of all, you need some open space with enough space for everything. The openness is beauty in itself. You can use your old dining table to add some vintage effect in your meals section. Even a new table with rustic touch will do the job.

Make it colorful with pops of color and a lot of lighting. Let the colors in the kitchen spread in the area more with the help of lighting. Have built-in lights and a beautiful hanging lamp to glam up the decor.  The modern kitchen will feel like a blessing with so much brightness adding life to the whole room. Let your artistic bent make some contributions while choosing the tiles to create a style icon.

The Purest Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

White is the symbol of purity. A pure white kitchen seems so calm and refreshing. It adds to the happiness of good food with loads of peaceful vibes. Everything from the cabinet to countertop must be white so that the elegance turns out in the best possible way.

Even the dining table can be white complementing the white lamps and pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling. The appliances can follow the same hues, or you can have them in colors that don’t break the sanctity of the space. Add black chairs with white dining table and make a smart choice to break the monotony without actually doing it.

Modular kitchens are developed to make our lives more comfortable. These luxurious designs will not only add to the main theme of your home, but you will have the best eating nook in your home. The designs make use of every inch available in the house, and that makes it all the more beautiful.