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Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore

Interior design is not meant for a person who just focus on money, because it an art which requires focus, attention and dedication.

It requires special attention for every looks and corner of the space available.

Interior design requires the full attention of the person who is going to design.

The design should come from within the mind of the designer.

As well as when a person who try to design an interior should always start from the concept of the suggestion given by the customers.

It is because the customers are the person who is going to stay with us.

Good interior is all about how it satisfies the client.

Further, for most of the interior designing it is required to know that all the suggestion doesn’t come from customer.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore

A good interior designer is a person with good inside imaginations.

He/she is said to be interior designer when they have a creative design with favoring to the mind of the clients.

As one of the best Interior decorators in Bangalore we know how to bring the clients dream of design to real.

Designing is a skill that requires lots of practice and creativity.

We at Magnon – Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore is a place of certified interior designing expert further we have the ability to read the mind of the customers and understand there requirements.

Our customer’s has never lost the contact with us after receiving our designing’s as they suggest it for most of their known people.

Interior designing is not a new concept but it is still not popular among most of us.

And also most of the people believe it is only meant for wealthier people as that is one of the major misconceptions.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore

We cannot imagine a home without kitchen. Kitchen is also said to space of ladies talks.

Kitchen’s in traditional concepts were meant for only preparing food, but the time has changed all these concepts.

For the new generations it is not just a place for food preparing but further more.

Kitchen is a place where most of the women are in the house  as aunty, mother, sister etc of the house gather around.

With a small table and few chairs to sit and can have a good discussion of their own with a warm tea or coffee.

Kitchen also requires a great space for having new appliances installed.

As of now there are lots of new technologies being bought to market to make the food preparation easier.

Try visiting any of our showrooms and get to know the latest trends in placing your technologies as we one of the Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore

As one of the best interior decorators in Bangalore, we can further classify the Kitchen into two types.

Traditional Kitchen –

Traditional kitchen’s is based on the old concept of kitchen designing.

This type of kitchen is found of having lots of wooden works with classic touch.

The cupboard space available is huge and also kitchen can give a classic touch with any home and its style can last forever.

Modern Kitchen –

Modern kitchen also can be called as Smart kitchen.

These types of kitchens are some of the most beautiful, clean and sleek kitchens ever.

And also these types of kitchens are very much the opposite to that of a traditional kitchen, due to the fact that everything has its own place.

A simple, effective kitchen is the end goal.

Modern kitchens often have hand-less appliances or smart appliances, which helps to contribute to the tidy look.

These spaces also have one striking color to contrast the plainer look elsewhere.

Difference in designing a commercial kitchen and home Kitchen

Commercial space of kitchen is similar to that of home kitchen, but there very difference which can be seen while designing an interior of it.

Let us discuss some of the major difference of the same –

  • Space –

It is one of the main factors for designing. Home kitchen requires less space compared to that of commercial kitchen.

A space in house kitchen is not required to have a space for all people as in the kitchen only 2 or 3 person may only be using.

Whereas in commercial kitchen there may be more than 3 or more person entering and walking over so it is must to have adequate space for all those enters in.

  • Appliance –

There is lots of appliance for commercial kitchen than that of home kitchen. So it is required to space all appliance perfectly.

For instance, Oven in a home is smaller which requires only a small space of the kitchen while in a restaurant the size of over is larger as it requires a huge space for storing lots of food items.

  • Visibility –

For home kitchen it is not mandatory to be visible to person who comes inside your house, but in a restaurant it is better to be visible for the customers.

So, try to add some more warm light so the customer could see the kitchen.

For better customer satisfaction try to keep the kitchen clean.

  • Sharp tool spacing –

While in home it is necessary to consider the knife and other sharp item little more higher and out of reach of children.

In a commercial place such as restaurant it is better to hang each and every utensil and other sharp items separately as it would be easier to find.

A commercial place is need of such allocation for each item as it would be easy to find at the time of an order being placed by a customer.

  • Air ventilation –

For every kitchen air ventilation is a must but while in home kitchen the air ventilation is not required to have huge space as we are only cooking for the home members.

But while designing a commercial kitchen it is must that there should be a good air ventilation system so that the smoke can be easily avoided while cooking.

For the same, it is better to have a good air ventilation’s and powerful exhaust fans.

Designing of commercial interior is having lots of difference to that of residential interior, Magnon-Interior decorators in Bangalore one of the top interior designers.

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