Modular Kitchen Dealer near me, Kitchen lighting ideas by the Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore – Magnon India can add a whole new dimension to your modular kitchen design. When done right, proper ambient lighting in the kitchen can give your cooking-dining area a completely new refreshing feel. So we recommend you take the time out and consider all your lighting options.

Modular Kitchen Dealer near me

Lighting offers you with ample opportunities for letting your creativity flow. At your kitchen island, for instance, you can add a lighting fixture underneath the island unit to create the illusion of a floating table. Ask you interior designer – Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore – Magnon India for more creative ideas, if you are running out of ideas yourself. Remember, creative lighting need not burn a hole in your pocket, after all true creativity means you can do more with less.

The kitchen is perhaps the most important rooms to have excellent lighting.

Kitchens are used for a multitude of activities and most of them require being able to see well – making the lighting choice a pivotal one. Many kitchens wend up using a combinations of light styles to create a bright, inviting environment.

Modular Kitchen Dealer near me

Here we have compiled a list of lighting ideas broken into categories for easy navigation: hanging lights, dome lights, rail lighting, recessed lighting, skylights, under counter or under cabinet lighting, vent hood lighting, and wall mounted lighting.

Each of these categories suggested by Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore offers something different to a kitchen depending on style choice and design. Hanging lights, also known as pendant lights, are easily the most versatile. Coming in an astounding array of designs, these lights can fit in any space and are available in many sizes. They can diffuse light throughout the room, or create spotlights to highlight a specific area.

Modular Kitchen Dealer near me

Dome lights are a classic choice for many rooms, not just the kitchen, though dome lights don’t have to come in the unattractive design you are probably imagining. Just like hanging lights, they can come in many different sizes and styles!

Rail lights, or track lighting as they are also known, are the most customizable of the options. Easily move able, they can be adjusted and changed depending on where light is needed.

For an all-over glow or to show off a feature of the kitchen, recessed lighting is the way to go. Recessed lighting can be subtle or bold, simple or bright and colorful. It doesn’t have to just be in the ceiling either, you can recess lighting around walls, cabinets, even in an island.

Modular Kitchen Dealer near me

Skylights are a great option if you want to rely on natural light during the day. Sunlight is a preferred lighting method for most people as it shows the truest colors and can show off subtle hues in a kitchen that may be lost under artificial lighting.

Under-Cabinet LED Light Bars

These long, narrow lights are installed directly onto the underside of your cabinetry, making them ideal for illuminating countertops and preparation areas. LED light bars come in a wide variety of lengths and they’re linkable, so even long countertops can be fully and evenly illuminated. They can be either hardwired into the wall for a seamless look, or plugged in for easy installation.

Modular Kitchen Dealer near me

Decorative Flush Mount

One of the fastest ways to give  kitchen new style is to swap out the standard ceiling fixture for something with a little more personality. A flush-mount fixture with decorative details — like this drum light with geometric cutouts — is a dramatic addition that only requires a few twists of a screwdriver.

Cabinet Up-lighting

While installing rope or bar lights underneath your cabinetry can be a practical choice, installing them on top of your cabinets can create an ethereal, effect on the ceiling that’s purely aesthetic.

Track Lighting

If a single ceiling light isn’t cutting it in your kitchen, track lighting is an excellent solution. With a single ceiling junction box, you can install a track light system that will allow you to direct light wherever you need it most.