modular kitchen dealer near me bangalore well-designed guest bedroom will make friends and family feel welcome, even when they are far from home. Use vibrant color, hotel-style furnishings and touchable textures to make your guest room a place people can’t wait to spend time in.

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If you want to be the perfect host for your guests, there’s nothing more luxurious than showing them to their own, beautifully decorated bedroom with the ideas suggested by the Interior Designers in Bangalore. Providing your guest with all of their favorite home comforts – beautiful bedding, plenty of storage and even a light to read by at night, will all add up to a wonderful experience for your loved ones.

If you don’t have the room to create a spare place just for guests, why not partition off another room to create a small area for guests to sleep? Choosing to section off part of your living room and sticking to a minimalist design won’t take up much space, but will mean your home instantly becomes more welcoming to loved ones.

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When someone is staying at your house as a visitor, you want him/her to be comfortable and feel at home in the guest bedroom. They are probably already a little bit uncomfortable being outside their comfort zone so it is nice to ensure their guest bedroom is well-furnished to meet their needs. Check out this website – for additional guest bedroom furniture ideas. While designing the guest room take the necessary steps to consider the arrangement and placement of furniture. Sleeping in unfamiliar places is definitely a struggle especially if the bedroom is not furnished in an appropriate manner.Keep in mind that it really is important that they feel comfortable in the guest bedroom,especially when they try to sleep.

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Large or small, the room needs to be comforting to allow them to get a good night’s rest.You could turn a small room into a guest bedroom by putting in a trundle bed for your guest.Sofa beds are quite comfortable and are available in many different styles. No matter the type of bed you choose be careful to ensure it is inviting and comfy all at the same time.These style and comfortable mattresses will truly help liven up the look and feel of the guest bedroom. Elegant bed sheets and a matching comforter will enhance the look of the bed.

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The bed linen and pillows ideally should match with the color theme of the rest of the room.A nice leather chair or other comfortable chairs can do wonders for their overall comfort.Watching TV or browsing their tablet will be more comfortable with a luxurious chair to do it in.Drawers will be necessary for your visitors to place their belonging in while staying at your home. A plastic bag or suitcase is way more cumbersome than a nice drawer cabinet. A minimum of three drawers are recommended to satisfy their needs.Proper lighting is clearly important. The visitor should be able to turn on the lights relatively quickly after entering the guest bedroom.

Spare bedrooms

According to the Interior Designers in Bangalore spare bedrooms are mostly neglected when it comes to decorating homes. The reason was, it doesn’t have much space and it is difficult to decorate. But with the help of few simple but stylish decorating ideas, it is easy to make a small bedroom into a beautiful guest room.

A comfortable bed is a must, especially if your room is often used by guests – invest in a new mattress if you can’t stretch to a bedstead. Choose a strong classic style that won’t date and position centrally for easy access and maximum impact. A neutral color palette will please most guests and can be easily modified for individuals. Bring in welcoming color and texture by layering fresh white bed linen with cushions and throws. Here, additional reclaimed furniture adds to the charming character.


The first step by the Interior Designers in Bangalore is transforming our spare room into a guestroom was to choose the color for the walls. You have to choose any of the light colors for the walls; it appears more spacious and airy.

Spending time with friends can be an exhausting experience for visitors and hosts alike so create a bedroom according to the suggestion of the Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore provides your guests with somewhere calm and serene to recharge their batteries. The shades of grey and white seen here are gentle on the senses, the bed is wide enough to collapse on and relax, and the bedside radio is a personal touch your guests will appreciate.


The window and doors were dressed with ready-made curtains in a neutral shade; this will help to appear your bedroom very specious with least cost. Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon India We added a splash of color by trimming the curtains with bright-red ribbon

Lighting For a more contemporary look, we opted for pendant lights instead of lamps. The lights are positioned above the bed side tables and controlled by dimmer switches within easy reach of the bed.

Storage ideas by Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore –  A small chest of drawers offers storage for guests’ clothes and hooks have been secured to the back of the bedroom door in case hanging space is required. Free standing wardrobes take up a lot of space.