Top Modular Kitchen Dealer Bangalore we not only cook food but the health and happiness of our family in the kitchen. All kind of energy prevails in the kitchen, and the negative side of this energy can destroy the health and happiness of our loved ones. According to the Vastu, the direction, the color, and the placing of things in kitchen play a vital role in inviting positive vibes into your kitchen. Some of the good Modular Kitchen Dealer in Bangalore are designing the kitchen according to the requirements of Vastu.

While setting up your kitchen, the best interior designers will always take care of Vastu. However, if you want to know how Vastu compliant is your kitchen, check out the following Vastu tips.

Location matters a lot

Southeast direction must be the priority to place your kitchen according to Vastu. However, if this direction is already occupied, the northwesterly direction is considered reasonable to build a kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, no other directions are suitable for the kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t fit the above rule, try to modify your home a bit with the help of best Modular Kitchen Dealer in Bangalore.

The fire source must be at the right place

Fire is the cooking source of kitchen. From earthen “Chulhas” to gas linked ones, fire rules the kitchen world. The Vastu perfect direction to place your cooking stove is southern-east. The rule says that the one who is cooking must be facing east direction while preparing meals.

The opposite forces of nature- water and fire

The fire element is your stove and water element is the sink. Vastu says that the two must be kept as far as possible in the kitchen. The energy of both the elements clashes and that’s why they should be placed at a sufficient distance and in the opposite direction. The direction opposite to southeast which is for fire is northeast and is perfect for your sink.

Storage cabinets for an impressive look and healing energy

Not only the ingredients, utensils, grains, and other things are our cooking and eating elements, but those are the indication of prosperity too. According to Vastu, the cabinets should be built in southern and western walls of the kitchen which means northern and eastern walls should be kept empty.

The locations of the appliance do matters

Modern devices are the most significant strength of today’s kitchen. Oven, microwaves, refrigerator, mixer, grinder, and what not. For the appliances, the perfect direction is south or south-east. Moreover, the northeast direction is a strict no-no. Also, keep a distance of at least one foot between the corner and refrigerator.

Invite positive energy with fresh air

Vastu appreciates the out-of-doors vibes and so does luxury interior designers in Bangalore. The windows are not only good for proper ventilation but also enter fresh air which creates harmony in the kitchen making your meals healthier and tastier. Don’t forget the exhaust though.

Appearance must be aesthetic too

Floor and color of kitchen rules from Vastu are just meant to make your kitchen look amazing. Vibrant and happy colors like yellow, chocolate, green, rose; red, orange, and mauve make the best addition. The “to avoid” thing here is black, grey or any other depressing color. For floors, marble and ceramic are not easy to maintain but are Vastu compliant too.

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